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01-27-2000, 12:22 PM
This 'gathering basket' is representative of those used by Native Americans in the Southwet to harvest any number of things, including a variety ot peppers. It's my first attempt at the intracacies of basket weaves. http://shrieves.tripod.com/swart/gathering_basket_cropped.jpg

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I really like your painting C . Maybe finding your true light source would help you with the shadows of the basket. Keep up the good work.

01-28-2000, 01:07 AM
Yep, I know why your pic won't come up. There are two ways to post images.

The one you're trying uses square brackets and not parentheses. (The spaces between the square bracket and the word IMG aren't there, but i had to put them there to so they wouldn't actually try to insert the image! LOL)

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The other way to do it is in HTML. The message board will convert it to the above code anyway, but if you're more comfortable with HTML then use the standard HTML insert (space thing here too) :

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Oh yeah I just noticed you have spaces in your image name. On your computer, this is fine to do. But with the web, you can't use ANY spaces. If you need to indicate a space, use an underscore (_) in your filename. To fix it, rename the file on your computer with underscores and then re-upload it to the server. Then come back and edit your post. Also -- as far as I know, you can't put images on this server. Set up an ArtistNation site and put your picture on that server, then copy the address and use that one.

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