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11-26-1999, 05:01 PM
This lighthouse exists only in my mind but is rather typical of those seen on the Pacific Coast.


11-26-1999, 05:12 PM

11-26-1999, 11:57 PM
Lighthouse by Pats

11-27-1999, 12:00 AM
Hi Pat,
You just left the
off the front, hope you don't mind my posting of your image for you,

11-27-1999, 12:04 AM
I like this image very nice work.
There are lots of cool and warm mixes here.
I like how you lit the lighthouse by using the grey sky.
This one makes me want to paint.

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Phyllis Rennie
01-10-2000, 08:13 PM
Your lighthouse is quite lovely. I really like your color choices. My suggestions are: 1) add some light to the left wall of the small building--similar to what you have on the tower.
2) Add more variation to the size of the waves--smaller in the distance--and make the blue and the white in the water closer to each other in value and with softer edges so the water does not detract from your lighthouse.
3) Scrub out the hard edges at the bottom of the clouds to soften them.

01-17-2000, 11:53 PM
Thank you Phyllis, I appreciate and agree with your suggestions.

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01-18-2000, 03:27 PM
henrik and pat,,,,the roof is at a wrong perspective compared to the rest of the things wrapping the lighthouse. while the idea is correct, the roof is rounded too severely. while it shows more bottom than everything else, it should be only slightly more rounded

01-19-2000, 12:54 AM
I like the composition and color choices.

There are two things that I found that could be improved:
- the roof of the lighthouse has an odd perspecitve, it looks like it leaning back from us.
- The land mass seems disconected from the water and it seems that the lighthouse is almost on a very high cliff. I guess the sense of depth in both the water and on the land could be improved. Do you see it too?
(Don't know how to improve it though).