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irene clark
01-14-2000, 01:03 PM
Hi again,
This is an oil painting very similiar to the pastels shown previously. I thought this would be a good comparison piece. Overall, the size is a few inches less.
The change in the doons looked to me as if they were smiling all over, especially in the centre of the painting,thus the title.
Does this piece show depth better than the first one in pastels? Again, should more sky be added? Maybe I should use a larger canvas? Which of the paintings do you prefer and why?
Apparently I'm doubting my instincts.
Thanks for your help,
Irene Clark with a heart for art
I'm sorry there seems to be some light reflections from the flash.

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irene clark
01-14-2000, 07:20 PM
I'd really appreciate it if someone would compare these 2 paintings.
This one, Smiling Doons in oils and
Gloom N Doons in chalk pastels.

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01-14-2000, 07:37 PM

01-14-2000, 07:42 PM
as far as the trees go, you might try making one, or a few coming up on the side of the canvas.. from in the dune, instead of having all of them in the background..

in both paintings, you have made the sky and dune values about the same..in the smiling pic, you might think of lightening the sky..and in the gl**m pic, try lightening the shadows in the mid ground ..the swirls in the foreground look great..

another idea for the smiling one would be to add some life..birds or a little bit of green foliage (if the trees are not actually dead, even if they are you can take artistic liberty, and imagine when they were alive http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif..or both

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01-14-2000, 07:44 PM
Hi again Irene,
I'd do the same things on this one as with the doom and gloom dunes i.e. loose some of the trees (in the middle I think), and then add some sky above the trees. I would also pick one of the smaller trees and move it closer (down) to create a middle plane and some depth to the painting (but that is just an idea - it may not work)

Again, I like the abstract patterns; the swirls in the sand contrasted by the straight lines made by the trees.

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irene clark
01-14-2000, 08:01 PM
Thankyou both very much!
What do you think of my adding some dead branches and twigs onto the dunes, or would that take away from the swirling perfection of the sand? You see as one gets closer to the water, which the doons are closest to, the trees would never have grown because of the salt water. That's what eventually killed those trees in the background.
The only other things I could think of to add would be maybe some sea birds and their foot prints. Nah, I think I'll leave the sand unspoiled. Nature will do its own dirty work soon enough anyway.
Thanks for helping mull this over.
I'm certainly going to make sure to put more sky above the trees. That alone is a major improvement.
Thanks guys,

01-14-2000, 08:02 PM
if you think to move the trees in the smiling pic. you could cut the large middle one, and put in front, on the left about 1/3 up from the edge of the canvas..wuth its trunk just to the left of the other larger tree trunk

irene clark
01-14-2000, 08:10 PM
ARTISTIC LIBERTY!! I like that! Thanks for permission Kemshmi. I'll always remember that now. I always thought I was supposed to recreate what I was actually seeing. You've made me really see, by opening my eyes to untold artistic possibilities.
Many thanks
irene[QUOTE]Originally posted by kemshmi:

01-16-2000, 10:54 AM
Artistic liberty is one thing I have had trouble with in the past. I too thought that I had to recreate what I saw. Milt (bruin) helped me a great deal realize that I am the creator of the universe which exists on my canvas, and I can do with it what I like. I'ts helped tremendously!

I like the gloom painting more than the smiling, mostly because of the colors. In Smiling, the dunes are gray and don't have the same life to it as gloom. I like the swirls and again, the trees against the sky are really good but I like the trees in gloom better because they are more silhouetted against the sky. Smiling is somewhere between surrealistic and realistic whereas gloom seems nicely surrealistic.


01-16-2000, 11:06 AM
Irene, I got the "tingles" when I read your post..good for you!!..now you may start applying that in your work as you see fit..I am really happy if I have been of help to another artist along the path..


01-17-2000, 12:44 AM
Just wanted to drop an note and tell you that I like both painitings. You are doing very well indeed. I do think that having trees come from the edge of the painting would be a good idea. That way your painting has something to anchor it and lead your eyes into the painting. Let us see more.