View Full Version : WIA Monday Sept 27/10

09-27-2010, 03:44 PM
Just a quick fly by to get us started!! I'll be back later to catch up properly! Cheers!

09-27-2010, 05:58 PM
Hi all
Monday again, and an annoying one at that. Just stupid little things at work, computer glitches just when I really don't need them, staff who keep trying to fiddle their expenses when they know I do through them. Then after work I had to go to the bank to authorise new signatures and they couldn't find the paperwork, unbelievable. Still, life isn't all bad, I got my phone ordered, second hand off Amazon which I know is cheap of me but I don't want to spend a lot then find I scratch it or don't like it and want to change.

How is everyone else doing?

09-28-2010, 12:32 AM
Hi guys, Claire, you certainly did have a *monday*. Ug! Hope your phone works out for you.

Very busy day here. Homeschool class where I did most of my state learning plan for Luke while he was in class... then homeschool at home, then moved the livingroom back to normal and vacuumed, somewhere in there the new yard people came and mowed, then soccer practice and running around getting dinner. Pooped!! Plus it's all hot and humid - what is up with that? Strangest weather this year.

Barrie, what are you up to? You never came back.

Hope to get to bed soon...