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irene clark
12-08-1999, 11:40 PM
Hi Ya'll,
I know the quality of the photos of paintings doesn't always do justice to the work.
Norton the rabbit looks flat, but truly he does have lots of shading on his body and even the white on Mindy should show more shadows. I guess maybe this was a bad choice for showing here. Oh well it's here now, so please comment on what you can see.

This painting is done in chalk pastels and is approx. 18x24.
Thanks for your time.
Irene Clark with a heart for art.
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12-09-1999, 03:31 PM
The cats are fabulous. I thought this was a photo at first. The rabbit, though, seems to disappear in all the white (maybe your scanner was set too bright?), and doesn't look quite as realistic as the cats.

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irene clark
12-10-1999, 01:10 AM
Hi Einsteina
Thankyou for your encourging words. I love animals very much and I paint from the heart.
I'll have my daughter check out the scanner settings like you suggested. She's the techy person in the family.
Take care