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11-28-1999, 02:21 PM

This was my homework for this weekend. I didn't made anything from the Spring of 98 and this is the first attempt after a while.
I'm noticing some lack of skills… my hands need some oil, and I'm in difficult to remember some mixes and the How To…of some things I used to do.

I'm pretty satisfied with the overall but this one will remain "unfinished"… I think it is a good start to make another with more care.

I dislike:
The gulls (they look starving chickens). Too hard drawed and rendered.
The grass (to "kitsch") but I don't now what to put in the near plan. I have great difficult with the near plans. I have a lot of people sketches made alive, on the beach in a notebook ,but I'm afraid I will change completely the mood.

The violet clouds. Sky was made wet on wet and the near clouds were made over the dried paper in a later stage. They are to hard and scratched… It was a tech mistake. Watercolor sometimes it's not piece of cake. A single distraction could make loose everything.

This one is completely imagination so I can do everything I want, don't need to be faithfully.

I think there is another lack of composition. The distant rocks are a "line" very alike. I think I will put more variety of shapes and plans.

Comment and ideas are very welcome.

Cheers to everybody.

PS… Irene I was pretty surprised with your tigers. Keep on…

11-28-1999, 02:37 PM
the thing about small things,,,,,as in far away birds and bird feet,,,,,is that you don't have to render everything. render parts...the BIG parts, and let the viewer finish the rest. OR,,,render the insignificant parts lighter. in the near gull, render the feet in a lighter tone,,,yours are too dark, and therefore heavy.
the rocks are all on one plane. bring one or two closer or farther away.
waves spashing against rocks may look white, but there is a lot of shadow there,,,or at least different values of white. i would darken the value of some of the waves. that way they would show off better, breaking the horizontal plane.
you don't need a foreground if the rest is interesting.