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Christina Manwell
11-26-1999, 11:26 PM

This is the first time I have posted anything here. Please forgive me if it doesn't work.

This is an oil painting I just finished. I have just recently begun using oil. I find them very forgiving, but a little frustrating to clean up. Has anyone tried the water soluable oils? What do you think of them?

This painting was done from a photograph. Deception Pass bridge is a very popular local landmark. I love visiting the beautiful scenery, but going over the bridge terrifies me. This summer we went under the bridge in our small boat and got the ride of our lives. The currents are wild under there. Maybe painting the bridge and the island in calm peaceful colors was a kind of therapy for me.

Please let me know what you think. I am open to any suggestions, and appreciate your time.

C. Manwell


11-27-1999, 12:29 AM
nicely done, christina.
the bridge perspective does not line up properly from the left side to the right. and it would have been better to vary the bushes in the foreground. specifically,,,, change their shape. they're too even across the bottom. it looks like the edge of a balcony rather than a random growth in nature....milt

"he who thinks he know all and knows nothing is king in a kingdom of one,,,,,or a critic" - the kobe

Christina Manwell
11-27-1999, 02:22 AM
Thank you Milt, I appreciate your advice. The bridge is actually two bridges, one leading on to the island and the other leading off of the island. I do agree about the bushes on the bottom. I will try to loosen them up a bit and add some variety.

Thanks again,

11-27-1999, 07:33 AM
you should show that they are two bridges somehow.....clearing the trees in the center, changing color of the bridges, pushing even further the idea of different planes,,,sometrhing....milt

Drew Davis
11-27-1999, 07:27 PM
Good atmospheric perspective. I found it a little confusing on the left, where there's a sudden shift. That's probably because the channel cuts through there, and leaves a gap, but it's sort of unexplained in the picture itself. Perhaps a little less sudden shifts as you cross the road, and the channel?

The birds are a nice touch. I like the way they wheel you back into the composition.

There's an older discussion in the oil painting forum about water-soluble oils. Look for the title "healthy oils". I use Grumbacher Max, and like them. They work as advertised. The biggest limitation is that you don't get to use the mediums you're used to. (Well, at least without losing the nontoxic and cleanup properties, which sort of defeats the purpose.)

Christina Manwell
11-28-1999, 01:22 AM
Wow, thanks Drew for directing me to that "older discussion" about the water soluble oil paints. It was a huge help. Next time I am running low on a color I will replace it with the water soluble kind.

Thank you also for the critique. After Milt's suggestion I went back and softened the farthest bridge and touched up the bushes. I will also work on the perspective jump.

What a great forum. Extremely helpful.