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11-26-1999, 09:54 PM
I am one of those that always wanted to learn to paint but never had the courage to take lessons. Well, I still don't have the courage for lessons but I am learning to paint. I like detail and realism. I have painted a fish,stump, and water lily on a solid black background. I feel like the fish needs to be put under water. He seems to be suspended in space. I'm not sure what to do to create water. I have been told to use bubbles. Any suggestions for a beginner to try? I am using acrylics on heavy watercolor paper. Thanks

11-28-1999, 01:04 AM
It is difficult to tell you what to do without seeing the painting, but since you say there is a waterlily, I am assuming you are looking through the surface of the water at the fish. I'll try to keep this brief...
the underwater part of the painting will only be clear if it is in shadow...from the stump or the bank,(which needn't be seen in the composition,) the rest will be reflection of the sky or surrounding scenery, slightly broken revealing underwater again. (I hope this is not too confusing, it would be much easier to search for examples of how others have done this in the past, but, no examples come to mind right now.) Also, where the surface of the water breaks on the stump or any other object partially submerged the perception will be distorted, probably a bit larger than it would be if it was out of water.

I think this is probably only part of what you need to know. I haven't tried to do this yet, but, have been trying to observe and figure out how to do this. I have an idea for a painting of a puddle, with stones and a frog, reflections of a bird on the surface...but, out here in TX we are in drought, and it hasn't rained enough to make a puddle in over a year. Now we are on rationing, and I'd feel guilty about making a puddle with the water hose and faking it.

Hope this hasn't been too confusing and hope it helps.