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11-26-1999, 01:53 PM
www.geocities.com/SoHo/Suite/5647/mom.jpg (http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Suite/5647/mom.jpg)
This is a value study of Mother Theresa I consider her one of the great humanitarians-Comments welcome

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11-26-1999, 04:41 PM
This is an awesome painting. You truly captured the feeling and depth of the subject. I hope you are doing more portraits.

11-26-1999, 08:54 PM
by making the background the same value as the head you created a problem for yourself....and that is, in order to differentiate between the two, you had to resort to a dark halo around the head. it doesn't read well. it would have been better to simply have a darker solid background.

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irene clark
11-26-1999, 11:13 PM
Hello again,

This is a wonderful portrait of a very old soul. The great sadness she carries in that soul shines from those haunting eyes.
You captured that perfectly.

I also like the aged effect of the rough paper. It really enhances the painting.

Irene Clark with a heart for art.

11-26-1999, 11:58 PM
Thanks to all for your comments ideas and suggestions.
Irene thats what I was trying to portray.
The kind and loving nature of this beautiful spirit.