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11-06-1999, 10:34 PM
Okay, another one...
this one was painted with acrylic over paper.
it measures about 30x40 cm (~12"x16").
Just used 3 colors, (Indigo Blue, Orange & white)
i just use a foto or the live subject to draw. The colors and
the values just flow...

sending a pic of the original location too that i used
for reference.

11-07-1999, 02:44 AM
Your paintings are beautiful! You should never put your brushes aside, they must be so lonely when you do. To know they could be making such beautiful art and be abandoned because thier master has an overactive inner critic. Use your doubts as something to conquer, don't let them conquer you.

11-07-1999, 07:53 AM
william. you edit well for being new. a few things...your edge work: you've given the same edge to most of your forms, with the exeption of the rocks in the foreground left. and extreme right. the rocks, centering your painting, the far rocks, and the cliffs have the same edges. since light seems to filter on the foamy shore, the two rock formations should be cleaner/sharper than the cliffs and distant rocks. one thing the photo offers that is well worth including, is the clarity of the foam whites. making a more definite statement here would add punch to your painting, since you lack clear hard edges to anchor the imagery. the bird in the distance would be better off as a silhoette,,,white won't show well that far off. the sailboat looks like an add on,,,or it , too, would look better as a light grey silhoette. also, you might consider being selective in where you place the lit clouds. you can put it anywhere, but consider maybe backlighting the far rocks or birds(this way you can silhoette the gulls)
lastly, to be picky, i would lighten the underbelly of the seagull a little,so the whole bird doesn't get lost. if you're going to use that high key light/dark pattern on your gulls, then the light /dark pattern on the shore should match

"he who thinks he know all and knows nothing is king in a kingdom of one,,,,,or a critic" - the kobe


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irene clark
11-12-1999, 12:53 AM
Hi there William!
I too am self taught. In fact I've only been creating art for a few years.
William please, DON'T BLOCK THE BLESSING!!
You are in touch with your artistic spirit and must keep nourishing it by painting what makes your heart feel love.
Creating from the heart not only will give you joy, but will nourish the souls of all who have the good fortune to view your very beautiful paintings.
Food for the soul is just as important as food for the body.
So keep on stroking.
Take care,
from an artist friend in Ontario, Canada.
Irene Clark with a heart for art.
Visit my website if you like.

<a href="http://www.finearts.yorku.ca/kclark/hart/">Heart to H-ART - Irene Clark</a>

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11-22-1999, 09:53 PM
When you paint the clouds yellow or orange, it means that it is either sunrise or sunset. Supposedly, you depicted suset. THen I don't see the source of light. If it is behind the hill on the right, then there can be no yellow spots on the coast in front of us. If the source of light (the sun) is still above the horizon, somewhere in the clouds, then the clouds above the horizon are too dark and nor enlighted from inside. Be careful with yellow. My point of view is that it's better to draw from life, from exact time of the day and year, when the weather is this or that, etc... It's hard to decide from your painting, what time of the day it was and what the weather was like. Supposedly, it's before the storm. Try not to make up anything. You live so close to the sea, that you can go to the same place every day. Many people lack it.

11-23-1999, 09:36 PM
Dear Julia and Bruin70
First, I want to say thank you to spare some of your time helping me.
Julia comments have come just in time, because im working on a second version
of this one, taking care about the critiques... I want to learn... and I think
it is the best way to say "thank you" to the the people that waist their time
replying to my posts... is working under theri advice.
To be criticised, for me it's a reward and an hommage... It's an evidence that my work said something to you and made you "make the move".

Let me explain something to you... and the other fellows too.
This is a report, not an escuse to my mistakes.

The choice of the colors.
I was in a book store and saw a brand of paints that I never saw before, but
i'm no longer a fool about the materials. High price don't means quality so
I just bought 2 colors (orange and Indigo) to see, at home, how they work. This painting
was a test. I made the backgound randomly and the result pleased me. So... some
days later I puted the draw over, a draw i made to the watercolor, with tracing paper.
The result pleased me so that I made "Moonlight over bay" and another one that I gave
to a friend, using the same technique I discovered by accident.

The location is about 20 miles away from my home. Beaches are rare and small by here.
The shores of this island are mainly clifs. The weather it's very unstable and very windy too. We use to say ,as a private joke,that you can have the four seasons in a single afternoon,
and if you see someone with an umbrella you can have for sure that he is a foreigner.
It's not easy to paint outside, except in Summer, but... never trusting.

I love dramatic skies and stormy environments.

Yes, I love Turner... for me is the greatest painter ever. I'm planning to gow
to London, only to visit the Tate Gallery, because I heard they have a large Turner collection. But wife want to go to Paris for instance...

You have two painters that I love too. "Thomas Moran" adn "William Trust Richards".
How can people paint so beatifull? This guys make me feel so, so, so litlle.