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11-07-1999, 08:37 PM

Comments welcome.

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irene clark
11-11-1999, 02:53 PM
Hi John
I'm not experienced with watercolors myself, but will definitely try some time soon.
I love the contrast of colours and the way they seem to melt into each other. The slash of black and splotch of red are most effective in catching the eye.
I've only ever tried painting one abstract piece in oil.
I create mostly wildlife and landscapes in pastels and oils, but am fascinated by what other artists portray in abstract.
this one of yours gives me a good feeling, but I'll be darned if I know why.
As I said, fascinating!!
Thanks for sharing and thanks for your thoughts on my desert dawn oil.
Irene Clark with a heart for art.
Visit my website if you like.

<a href="http://www.finearts.yorku.ca/kclark/hart/">Heart to H-ART - Irene Clark</a>

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11-11-1999, 07:00 PM
Thanks very kindly for your words, the painting is the oregon coast through my perceptual filters.
Thanks also for the link.

11-19-1999, 11:20 PM
Hi DrFeelgood

My first impression about your painting was very good and I download it to be able to see it longer and several times. I like the strong colours and strokes This kind of painting is more difficult as it look. I canít paint like this and I admire it. I donít understand why you are not receiving more replies.
Was it made in the sight?

Take care and keep the good work.

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11-19-1999, 11:49 PM
I'm glad you like this watercolor I am a very confident painter,bold as can be,and fearless.
I appreciate all the comments on this work.

11-20-1999, 02:35 AM
ya got a positive sense of placement. are you familiar with john sell cottman? if not,,,try to find his work. old british watercolorist

11-20-1999, 06:36 AM
John Cotman awww yes.Love his work,I'm also a huge Winslow Homer fan.
Thank you sir, for your comments.