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11-19-1999, 09:50 PM
Hi people...
I have a face


and an e-mail
[email protected]
and an ICQ number... 37208554 (pay attention to the great time zone difference)

So, fell free to drop me some lines whenever you want... It's a bless to hve frinds like you too share with.

And soon I will have an web site... cause I'm wasting the 10MB that my ISP gave to me. Yes, I'm thinking that an web site it's a good start. Thank you ALL for support and care and MOTIVATION. The founding of this forum made an earthquake by here. I made the "great" mistake to translate your posts to my wife (She's a French teacher...) and now she's filling my ears... Also I gave the WETCANVAS link to family and friends and "FOOL" is the word that's leading the charts.

About making a show...
It's fairly easy to use the galleries of the local "Camara Municipal" ( some kind of yours "Town Hall"). The great book store of this place have a space to exhibitions too and the manager is nice and accessible but...

1. Most of the (short) work is unframed, and framing fairly good 15 works will take me the wages of a month and the return it's not granted.

2. I don't have a "line"... as you can see by the pics that I posted I'm picking here and picking there... experimenting a lot in styles and techniques. I think Its not good to start with an "Greek Salad"...

3. Most of the work I like is at my parents home in the Portugal mainland or I gave it to friends...

4. It's easy to find excuses... eh... eh... eh...

So, I promised to my self that I will hardly have fun with the brushes and see what I can get next summer .

I will post another two works today and during the weekend I will ANSWER to the people that have replied to my posts. I'm feeling guilty about that. And give my 5 cents to other people posts. A kiss to everyone.


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