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11-06-1999, 08:25 PM

Im Portuguese, living in the S. Miguel Island - Azores. Im "naif" never took classes and im alone ... too
shy to try a public exposure of my (short) work. Sometimes i paint with pleasure but i got frustated and
leave the brushes for months...
what do you think? its very important to mee... dont be affraid or polish. im severe with my self.
the strange boat its an "Moliceiro" a very specific boat to catch plants from the underwater. I tried to edit
the scanned picture to be the more faithfull possible.
Sorry for my poor... im "naif" to with your language. Thanks, a kiss to everybody.

11-06-1999, 08:34 PM
check out the british watercolorist, richard parkes bonnington. the purest watercolor genius i know. died at 26 in 1828. he pushed the BEST brush i've ever seen.
richard parkes bonnington
by carlos peacock
1980, taplinger publishing co

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