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10-18-1999, 03:28 AM
Hi Fellow critiques,
Just had to try out Scott's new upload feature. Also would like some comments on one of my earlier painting,
Watercolor, 300gsm rough paper, 32cms by 25cms.
Cheers Rod.

10-18-1999, 08:25 AM
look's fine, rod. you have a value problem on the right where the foreground and the mountains are the same value,,,,it gets a little fuzzy. if you darken the mountains or the lighten the foreground, the foreground will pop better. if you prefer to keep it as is, you might try adding rocks along the edge of the hill to delineate the foreground a bit more. this is a little tricky because you'd need to show the rocks rounding the backside of the hill,,,,otherwise it'll look flat

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