View Full Version : WIA TGIF 24th September

09-23-2010, 10:00 PM
Hi everyone :wave: , sorry long time no see. I have been sidetracked a bit with catching up with friends here IRL. Being gone for 6 months meant there was quite a lot of that to do. Plus other odds and ends as well. Nothing hugely momentous or exciting.

Now trying to arrange some hols before end of the year. DH has only done the 10 days we took in Italy when I travelled from London. I'm thinking maybe Oz at the start of December.

Have a good Friday all, look forward to the weekend. Fiona

09-24-2010, 05:33 PM
I'm envious Fiona, Australia is number one on my list of places I want to visit! I'm not surprised you've been swamped with catching up with IRL friends - you were gone a looooooong time!!

Pam, I'm pretty much in the same boat as Gwen with dh and 'I told you so's - much more effective if I don't say it. lol And having him home after losing his project can't possibly be fun! Hope the arm is just slow in responding and nothing more serious. LOVE the new torch!!

Gwen, Bead Fest sounds exciting!! No wonder Debbie is excited! I'd be the same way - you'll have to show us what you make in the classes!! The fold forming one fascinates me! :)

Claire, yay for being able to dance again!! That's wonderful! I hope missing the acupuncture doesn't set you back at all! :) You do lead a whirlwind life, don't you?!?! How's that puddle hound doing? haven't heard much about him lately (does this mean he's been behaving?! LOL)

Andee, how's your week winding up?? Still alive and kicking??

:wave: to all - we had a power outage this morning, and realized how noisy my house is! LOL I like it noisy, but the background noise of things like fridge, aquarium filters, etc really hides the annoying noises like fish splashing, critters snoring, iguanas crawling up and down the metal cages - yeesh!! lol Not much else going on today though, so guess I'll just relax and enjoy the electricity - gotta pick Freya up at 2:30, hopefully she's in a good mood! LOL Have a great evening all!! Cheers!

09-24-2010, 06:38 PM
Hi guys
TGIF! It has been a loooong week, stuff going on all day and all evening. David is off sailing this weekend so I am hoping to have an easy time, just me and Leon. The house is in desperate need of attention though!

Pam, men just will not listen. Worrying that the arm shows no improvement, I understand that acupuncture is good for promoting healing so maybe more of that would help him.

Gwen, I'm not sure I'd be much good with wood, but I do love carved ducks and rather fancy making my own. Your courses sound fun, you'll have to take lots of pics to share with us.

Fiona, Oz in December will be a lot warmer than London, sounds a good choice!

Barrie, I could really have done with the acupuncture, I've got a few back problems which need attention, nothing agonising but just not quite right. Leon is fine, thanks for asking, he is getting a bit better behaved, still does stuff like blagging food from kids in the park and running off with our socks. I haven't had much quality time with him since our holiday so this weekend will be a chance to put that right. Losing the power makes you realise how much we rely on it, quite scary.

09-24-2010, 09:20 PM
Hi peeps :) I melted glass today and got 5 hours of quiet... I'm a happy girl again. My new torch is going to be great, still getting to know her. Luke got to play soccer all day and is now parked in front of the boob tube, he's a happy boy. Just like old times ;)

Barrie, can the fish survive for long if the power goes out?

Fiona, that sounds like a great vacation destination.

Claire, we need magic wands. Poof! the house is done, poof! the body is 20 years younger. Poof! The husband isn't able to say or do anything annoying. Hah.

Making meatloaf and mushroom gravy tonight, the mushrooms are so yummy, I keep stealing some.... should get back to that ;) TGIF, whatever that means....