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Diana Lee
09-18-1999, 03:39 PM
ok, here is my latest scratchboard and paint shop pro coloring piece. I know it kind of looks like a logo, but when I inclosed the head in the circle it looked trapped. I hope this works, I haven't tried to do this putting an image in the forum thing yet.


Diana Lee
09-18-1999, 03:41 PM

Drew Davis
09-18-1999, 04:31 PM
Very nice details. I had to check your text again to be sure it wasn't a manipulated photo. The light is strong enough to seem outdoors in Africa, but stops short of being harsh, which lets a little more personality of the subject through.

I've got only one suggestion. It does give me the uncomfortable feeling that I'm staring down a rifle scope at the rhino, lacking only some crosshairs. Perhaps a background shape that's not a circle? Unless, of course, that's the effect you wanted. (Call it "Aphrodisiac", and see how much talk you get at your next show.)

09-20-1999, 03:31 AM
Hi Diana,
Amazing piece of work,Rhino is perfect. Not sure if I like the circle,Rhinos ears break the edge at the top, perhaps the odd blade of grass could do the same around the circle,

Diana Lee
09-21-1999, 12:18 AM
Drew and Rod,

Thanks for your comments, you both had very good points. The design was made specifically for t-shirts, so I wanted to make something kinda logo'ish. I found the circle somewhat disturbing as well, but my husband asked that I wait a while and see how I feel about it later.

(Aphrodisiac, lol Drew)

09-21-1999, 07:33 PM
I'm not sure whether I would have noticed the circle/rifle scope thing or not if Drew hadn't mentioned it, but now it bothers me when I look at it.

Otherwise, the detail and brightness of the piece is impressive. I don't know what I could find to criticize.

I was wondering what you meant by "paint shop pro coloring piece." Is this not what the scratchboard looks like?


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Diana Lee
09-21-1999, 09:19 PM
This is what the scratchboard looked like before I touched it up with paint shop pro.


Diana Lee
09-21-1999, 09:23 PM

09-21-1999, 11:03 PM
diane,,,that is one hell of a piece of professionalism! wish i could see it in person instead of print. the circle doesn't bother me a bit. you've broken the frame with the ears and your signature does the same since it looks like the grass. personally, i'm wondering if you can do this all without psp, because it certainly has fine art potential. as a commercial piece,,,you're there

"he who thinks he know all and knows nothing is king in a kingdom of one,,,,,or a critic" - the kobe

09-21-1999, 11:17 PM
diana,,,just visited your virtual gallery. tell me how you've been showing, what you've been doing as a professional. email me,,,let's chat. [email protected],,,,,milt

"he who thinks he know all and knows nothing is king in a kingdom of one,,,,,or a critic" - the kobe

Diana Lee
09-22-1999, 01:14 PM
First I will admit I am not out in the world a whole lot so that may account for my shock and amazement. The prejudice I have run into because I am using a computer is shocking, even my artist friends! They say I am cheating and trying to find an easier way. It took me longer with the computer and the stupid mouse than if I had painted it and that's not because I didn't know what I was doing, it was because it was hard! But I do so like the effect. Anyway, now that I got that out I feel better, thanks.