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11-09-2002, 04:00 PM
Ive heard of different associations using art to help people heal, from loss, grief, assaults etc.
When I paint I have used my art to bring healing to different aspects of my life.
The picture below is one I painted to deal with family loss. I called it Post cards from the other side.


so my question is with art, have/do you use your art to help yourself or others heal? Is there any pieces youd like to share.

11-11-2002, 08:52 AM
Hi Debi! I think you and I are on the same track about alot of feelings about art cause of the questions you post :) Another great question!

Your painting is kinda hard for me to see because on my monitor its very dark. Any chance you can lighten it up alittle? I see some rays which reminds me of a painting I did years ago for myself about reaching out for divine guidance...thats not exactly saying it right...don't know the right words. But it had rays like I can see in your painting.

I have used art to heal. When I was younger (I'm 43 now) I wanted to be an art therapist so I've always been interested in the ways art can heal. Healing art is so differant tho than the art I make to show or sell. Its not "pretty"...its raw. Its just differant.

That "Art as a Way of Knowing" book I posted deals with using art to heal. Theres alot of good books out about it.

I would love to be able to see your Postcards picture. I'm squinting but its too hard to make out. If you can post one a little lighter, that would be great!


11-13-2002, 01:45 PM
on my home computer this picture shows the way it looks, on my computer at work it looks dark as can be,
I'll try to lighten it and repost it .
Thanks for bringing that to my attention

Ron van den Boogaard
11-15-2002, 08:38 AM
I do not deliberately use my art as an instrument to heal, but with my break-up and divorce proceedings this spring I found I definitely use it as such.
Actually quite a bit of the drawings I did wactually were looking like cuts and scars. I do work abstract so I do not start with a preconceived idea, but these things turn out this way. Then over time, looking back on them a few months later it is always easier to understand their true meaning, they seem to turn from flesh wounds into cuts in rock and from there on back to the work I used to do before this episode.

I don't feel that my art solely contributed to the state of forgiveness and healing that I did go through, but it definitely contributed, but also the Morning Pages (see the TAW section for anyone unfamaliar with these), conversations, etc. However art allowed for letting those real deep feelings that can't be expressed through words and cannot be captured in thoughts flow out of me. (Severely kicking the fridge for five minutes did that too).

So, yes it can be an important part of healing. Here I just used the divorce thing as an example, but after visiting "the hole" in NY two weeks after it was created, I was so lucky to have some pastels and paper with me to get through that episode (and a bottle of vodka)

Ron vdB (http://home.wanadoo.nl/brainbox)

11-15-2002, 08:43 AM
Ron thank you very much for sharing that! And I'm sorry about the divorce. But its so amazing what you said about the cuts and scars showing up in your work and looking back you realized what they meant. Kinda like the soul is definately trying to heal through art whether we realize it or not it may push thru. This is one of the best posts I've read here. Loved the humorous parts too! Thank you!


11-15-2002, 10:50 AM
Debi, here is a pic of the painting I did which reminded me of the rays in your painting. Its from 1996. Its a long story behind this painting. I used art to deal with some things that were happening with my cat Whitie who was diabetic and went into kidney failure. And to deal with some things that I was experiencing.

I never thought I'd be showing this to anyone. Its not a painting that was done with that intention. Its not a real piece of art because I just wanted to get down something that happened. Not even good paint. Was just those cheap little bottles of crafters acrylic paint.

I've done healing work with art and usually doesn't involve my pets. I don't save them generally, but I did save this piece. Whitie went into kidney failure and I was absolutely torn apart. I went to this place in my mind and *begged* for a healing for him. This is what the place looked like. I painted it to remember and to somehows deal with what was happening. It was painted after we got his miracle and he got to come home and was OK.


If anyone is really, really interested in the story behind this (and I don't really expect that anyone would be but who knows maybe someone seeing this has a diabetic cat) and wants to know more, I made a webpage years ago for people who have diabetic cats --at that time there was very little on the Web for these people. That page is at : http://www.geocities.com/parrotlet3/whitie.html but the story behind this painting is on http://www.geocities.com/parrotlet3/whitie2.html

Art is to me one way of working with feelings.

Thanks for letting me share. I'd never post this anywhere else on WC! or anywhere. But it feels OK to do it here.


11-16-2002, 01:04 AM
Ron - After a relationship split-up in March of this year, I understand too well the pain that goes along with it so I do empathise with you re. your divorce. I hope that things work out to the best possible outcome for you.

Pat - I cried when I read Whitie's story and I want to thank you for sharing it with us. It must have been a very emotional time for you. Whitie was obviously a well-loved member of your family. I'm glad the painting helped the healing process.....

Debi - Thanks for sharing your painting with us. I had never thought of painting to heal by letting my emotions guide the paintbrush. I will definitely try that in future.

Actually, I found it really difficult to pick up a paintbrush when my relationship ended as my heart just wasn't in it. I was in deep depression. I even considered giving up painting altogether at one low point but some persistent friends encouraged me to keep at it and, even though I hardly painted for months, I'm so glad that I didn't stop totally. After several months, I now have the love to paint back in my heart and I am so happy. It had been a very dark phase in my life but I did push my way through it and, instead of regularly painting, I threw myself into doing a little decorating around the house which I'm sure kept the creative urges flowing underneath the pain. I couldn't even face my morning pages throughout that phase but I am writing those again too. I realise that I have become a stronger person and have learned some lessons along the way. I also see that, in hindsight, the split-up was the best thing that could have happened in my life as I was feeling like I was losing my identity in the relationship.

Happy painting,

Serena :)

11-16-2002, 08:42 AM
Thanks Serena but sorry about making you cry when you read about Whitie. I know what you mean about sometimes its hard to be painting when you are in a depression or just going thru so much. There are things I probably could have done with art to heal but they needed distance. When you are in the thick of things, yes it can be very very hard to sit down and paint --I know that too. I'm soooo glad you didn't give up painting! That was a great idea to get away from it but keep the creative juices flowing by decorating. Theres power in art...sometimes I think thats why we're unable to do it in the midst of very traumatic times. I think we know that on some level. I know for myself, that theres alittle fear about doing art right at those very moments because I'm alittle fearful of the images that may come out. A little distance/time helps and then we can work it thru in art.


Ron van den Boogaard
11-16-2002, 08:52 AM
Originally posted by Serenity
Ron - After a relationship split-up in March of this year, I understand too well the pain that goes along with it so I do empathise with you re. your divorce. I hope that things work out to the best possible outcome for you.

Yes, it worked out well for me, luckily I'd kept my appartment in Holland and had not definitely moved to New York yet, which was lucky. Once all the anger and turmoil had gone and the healing was done there is a definite sense of peace. Right now I am in the process of finalizing the last little bits of paperwork for the divorce, which doing that transatlanticly is a bit of a hassle, but it is not upsetting anymore.

Actually, I found it really difficult to pick up a paintbrush when my relationship ended as my heart just wasn't in it. I was in deep depression. I even considered giving up painting altogether at one low point but some persistent friends encouraged me to keep at it and, even though I hardly painted for months, I'm so glad that I didn't stop totally.

For me it was quite the opposite, neither my heart nor my thoughts were in it. I just did it in a rage and fits of anger. It was just so nice wildly putting paint on canvas. It did scare me at times. I remember doing one piece at night and waking up the next morning. I was devastated, If my life looked anything the painting looked I really was in a sorry state.
But now months later it is hanging in my bedroom and I can just look at it and actually like it. Time can be a wonderful instrument at times.


11-17-2002, 04:31 PM
I hope you are both on the road to healing and have released your past, to move forward to forgiveness and healing.
Its hard to move ahead but it is important to recenter your energy and bring back your heart strings that attached you to that other person.
Ron I cannot imagine the hole in NewYork, to me the energy arround the site must be so intense, I think I would be overwhelmed with sadness adn dispair.

11-17-2002, 04:36 PM
I wanted to share with you a painting I did after a young girl I worked with passed over.
It reminded me of your painting and I just had to show you.

11-17-2002, 08:10 PM
Yes, I think I work better and more prolific if I'm hurting. I did a whole series of 32 pieces ranging from 3ft x3ft down to 2in x1 in blocks, relating to the loss of my Mother in 1997.

11-18-2002, 08:13 AM
Debi --OMG, I saw your post last night but I couldn't answer right away. I was too blown away. Yes, I can see why you wanted to show me this painting. Those rays! Its like we both envisioned the same rays. I ****love**** yours! I am so sorry about the young girl's death that prompted this painting. But I'm awestruck how very similar the rays are. Its almost like a verification you know what I mean? When I did mine I was trying to depict the place I went to to ask (no, lets be real Pat... where I begged for him for a miracle. The place I reached for as hard as I could and best as I could) for Whitie to be healed by the Divine. And we got it :) Thank you for showing me your painting. I feel blessed to have seen it.


11-18-2002, 08:16 AM
(((((Te)))))) 32 pieces, wow. Afterwards did you feel like you got some closure? Or got to a place inside you couldn't have reached without doing them? Did you save them? What a great body of work that must be Te.


Ron van den Boogaard
11-18-2002, 08:22 AM
there must be something with rays and friends that passed on. I did this one in memory of a friend of mine who used to paint lot of fishes

Ron vdB

11-18-2002, 08:28 AM
Ron thats ***beautiful!*** Yes! The rays again! Yours are so light filled --you sense how bright they are. You did great. And I love the fish in the center symbolizing your friend. I'm so excited here! This is a wonderful painting Ron :clap: Thank you for sharing it with us!!


Dang, I'm on my second edit because I keep noticing more things. Those symbols to the left and right of the fish....to me they seem like brackets. As if to say, he is now enclosed or enveloped by this light. He is in the light.

Wow! (BTW, this is the 3rd edit, LOL) Just wow!

11-18-2002, 10:19 AM
Originally posted by hummingbird
(((((Te)))))) 32 pieces, wow. Afterwards did you feel like you got some closure? Or got to a place inside you couldn't have reached without doing them? Did you save them? What a great body of work that must be Te.


Yes, I did get the closure I needed, I was able to finally say good-bye artistically. Many emotions were worked thru. Love hate, anger, sorrow and pain. Numerology came into it a lot too with out me knowing it. I only realized when I was analyzing it all for my artist's statement. eg:

Mum was 32 when I was born:
I was born on the 2nd of Jan (1st) 1952:
Mum's name added up to 5:
My name at the time added up to 3:
Mum's b/day added up to 2:
I worked a material piece with stitching and the stitches added up to 52 (1 inch and 2 inch stitches)
There were many other coincidences too, all with 2,3 and 5 in them. It was truly spooky.

The series was "My Mother's Mirror".

11-18-2002, 10:21 AM
Originally posted by Ron van den Boogaard
there must be something with rays and friends that passed on. I did this one in memory of a friend of mine who used to paint lot of fishes

Ron vdB

I like this Ron

and Deb, yours too. Both are lovely works

11-19-2002, 09:25 AM
your rays are wonderfullly warm and soothing.

Teanne Im sorry about the loss of your mother, when I saw your painting I was reminded of how when I was a kid I always thougth my mother had eyes in the back of her head, and now Im a mom my kids think the same thing. :) I go through phases with numerology, right now I seem to be in a 213 or 123 type phase, when ever I drive I always see a plate with 123 in it, glacing at the clock etc. There are a couple of books one by Dan Millman the sacred warrior author has a book that uses your birthnumbers and name numbers to associate with different personality types. And I have one by Doreen virtue on angels that talks about if you are noticing numbers and what they mean.
WHen I started painting a couple of years ago I was working on a angel, my grama died in the same week, then I photographed an angel cloud, it was like she was nearby.

11-19-2002, 09:43 AM
oooh you just gave me tingles.
I've never been into numerology but when I saw all these re-occuring numbers, I had to follow it up. Very interesting.

Ron van den Boogaard
11-20-2002, 07:11 AM

thanks for all the compliments.

Ron vdB (http://home.wanadoo.nl/brainbox)

11-25-2002, 12:53 PM
Hi everyone, so glad I found this thread. Currently my husband is very ill from colon cancer and a massive stroke from a year ago. He is unable to speak as a result of the stroke. He is an artist also, but can't use his right arm anymore, and can't seem to get out of his head anything to put it down on paper....I am his primary caregiver.

For awhile I couldn't think of painting...I felt guilty spending time doing something he could no longer do. Slowly...I began...Focusing is hard, but I force myself. Everything is a hodge podge of work, from one medium to another. One style to another..its almost as if my spirit is searching for something....I have found that I must be creative on a daily basis...or I will melt away. I have put no limitations on the work that I am doing...meaning for the first time it seems I am really doing the work for myself...no commisions, even though the financial future seems bleak...the work I am doing now is only for me...

What a spiritual release...a different kind of creative person is emerging...my husband enjoys watching me work..and laughs a lot at what I am doing...my personal critic...I am even doing some of my work with my left hand...trying to inspire him...but he doesn't have the interest for himself.

Art is healing me...as I watch him slowly go from this life to the next on his spirited journey...I believe art will save me..and bring me peace.

When I can I show some of the pieces..right now time is limited...but I appreciate the forum to share this ..thank you..Sunny

11-25-2002, 06:04 PM
((((((((((((((((Sunny)))))))))))))) I'm so glad that you have your art to help you thru' all this troubled time. Sending good vibes to you and your hubby.

11-25-2002, 07:38 PM
heres an angel, sending you good thoughts for you and your husband.

Ron van den Boogaard
11-26-2002, 10:10 AM
I the wake of the before mentioned divorce (or rather the break-up, the divorce is just a technicality -most of the time-) I did a series of drawings in either oilpastels or coloured pencils. Now in retrospect if I look at them chronologically it is possible to see the process of healing. This is one of the earlier ones, quite literally a cut or a scar. Over time they developed in more stone-like versions.

Did it help? Most definitely.


11-26-2002, 09:38 PM
I lightened up your work on my computer, debi-d, and appreciated the little emotional jolt it gave me when I could view the figures. Very nice.

I find the whole process of making art, a healing process for the inner wounds. It is a reminder, when I receive the gift of my completed works, that my Creator hasn't forgotten me, and the whole process of making the switch to right brain relaxes, and aids the healing.

But now I am wondering about the name numbers? Do you just count the letters in your name, given and sur?

Ron van den Boogaard
11-27-2002, 07:23 AM

There is an excellent website with the whole explanation on nummerology as well as worksheets and the lot, both deriving from name as well as day of birth. It can be found on:

When type nummerology into a search engine (I am still both a google and ixquick fan) it comes with nummereous sites.

As far as personality and birthday are concerned looking for enneagram will provide you with lots of information on this subject

Ron vdB

11-27-2002, 06:10 PM
Thanks for that. I will check.
Is enneagram the same as sunsigns and horroscopes?

11-27-2002, 06:25 PM
Not what I thought. I looked it up, took a test, and frightened myself badly. Back to my hermitess cave! ;)

Ron van den Boogaard
11-28-2002, 04:17 AM

don't be frightened. Horoscopes, enneagrams, nummerology is all too often used as things that determine the outcome of your life, but it is really a sort of instrument that tells you about a structural make-up amd why you are prone to be attracted to some people, etc.
It gives you some understanding and insight on part of the personality. But from there on there on there is a choice to do what you want. It can never be an excuse to say "I can't do anything about it, 'cause my horoscope tells me I am that kind of person anyway"
Horoscopes, enneagrams, the lot should be guidelines and helpful instruments for insight, not affirmations
(btw, could make an interesting thread on how fortune-tellers, palmreaders and the like make up affirmations, but I'm going way off topic here, perhaps even off topic for this forum?)

So get out of the hermitess cave. Unless it's a really nice cave off course.


11-28-2002, 04:47 AM
I am oh so moved by every ptg I've previewed on this thread; my first visit to this forum!
I believe art is the ultimate catharsis for healing. I work closely with art therapists and am blessed to witness the healing power of art in the path of many who are desperately ill and hurting beyond measure. Healing is a process...and I wish each of you inner healing laced with the deepest desires of your heart. veronica

11-28-2002, 07:38 AM
Thank you for your kind words Veronica :) It's very nice to meet you :)

11-28-2002, 09:53 AM
Thank you! I am just finding my way around on WC and rarely stray from the Contemporary/Abstract forum.
I've found a new place to hang with fab artists. Lovelovelove your stirring series and hope it continues to bring healing. Moms are forever. warmly, veronica

11-28-2002, 08:46 PM
TeAnne, thank you for your kindness...it is with the prayers and good vibes from so many people that touch our hearts and gives us the extra strength we need to make this transition in our lives.

Debi, did you photograph that angel...how beautiful and peaceful. Thank you

11-29-2002, 12:30 PM
thank you very much for your kind words, and welcome to this forum.
Sunny I did photograph that cloud angel. she appeared in the sky shortly after my grama died. I thought of it as a wonderful sign. What was unusual to me is when I take a picture I always take 2 or 3 shots but not of this one. Here is the second shot in that series that shows how it changed from standing to laying.
( ok you might be saying what an imagination) but I see what I see. :)

11-29-2002, 06:08 PM
You are a golden gal. Please remember grieving/healing is a process. And always know many of us are walking beside you.
I'll return to the forum following the holidays and settle in. :) veronica

11-29-2002, 06:12 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome. It feels warm and supportive here.
Incredible photos for an incredible woman. I'll catch up after the holidays!

12-01-2002, 03:39 PM
Originally posted by debi-d
Ron and Serenity - I hope you are both on the road to healing and have released your past, to move forward to forgiveness and healing. Its hard to move ahead but it is important to recenter your energy and bring back your heart strings that attached you to that other person.

Thank you, Debi. It was a tough road for me but I think I am healed enough to move on in a positive way now.

Thanks to all who shared their paintings with us. I found them all very moving and heartfelt.

The Angel Cloud pics are amazing!

(((Sunny))) - I am glad that art is helping you to heal. It is beneficial for your husband too as he watches you paint. Sending you both positive and healing vibes.

Veronica - Welcome and thank you for your kind words.


Ron van den Boogaard
12-12-2002, 12:32 PM
Today I took a friend of mine to the modern art museum here. I had some freebie passes and it sounded like fun.
We saw rhe Tracy Emin retrospective. I found it self indulgent. The letters and diarypages, guilts all displaying her love for alcohol, her adventures with sex and the resent ment of it, the videos of what went wrong where. The abortions, the ****ed up boy-friends, the depressions, more depressions, the dirty sheets.
Type Tracy Emin into Google and you'll see. I just wanted to see what all the fuzz was about and and where the huge controversy of it is.
We had agreed on an hour for all of this. I went thru the thing and pretty soon lost my friend who I found reading every scrap of paper, every section of embroidered blanket, watching every video. I had to drag her out of there because we were both on a tight schedule.

Riding the tram back she told me that she would go back tomorrow because: "Everything Tracy Emin had displayed was similar to my own life: the depressions, the abortions, the alcohol, the wrong men. This summer when I had my depression I wanted to write about it, but couldn't. Now that I have seen this I am ready."

So far we have talked about the healing aspect of our art for ourselves. The making of it. It was so good to see that art can do that so profoundly for others too.

I will lend her my pass tomorrow


12-14-2002, 12:54 PM
I'm fairly sure I know the museum you are referring to in Amsterdam & couldn't resist writing to say that that very same place was also the scene of an emotional epiphany of my own once. As it happened, I went there for the first time on Valentine's Day several years ago with my brand new husband. During our visit, instead of taking the time to feast my eyes & devote my undistracted energy to the magnificence exhibited throughout the place, I chose instead to pick a totally, utterly STUPID fight with my husband about him adamantly refusing to acknowledge Valentine's Day! & in doing so, I missed seeing all the artwork (which I would just about kill to see today), ended up sobbing and wrecking my museum entire visit & my day. As for my husband (then, no more), he refused to become emotionally involved in all my ridiculousness & concentrated instead on the art. (And even went on to become a fabulous painter, to boot!) Only now in retrospect can I appreciate his attitude & discipline & extraordinary focus that day. After all, Valentine's Days may come & go, but how often am I in Amsterdam with the best of the best, the casual luxury of gazing @ such stunning, incredible art along with someone I love who loves me? I can only hope that wherever he is right now, he somehow knows it took a little time, but I too learned something about art, healing---& love---in that museum, along with a great deal else that I'll also never have the opportunity to share with him.


12-14-2002, 08:22 PM
Hi and welcome to our forum. Its hard sometimes to get past the things we have done to our selves, the mountains we have made out of mole hills. How we sabatoge our own happiness to be right.
How very brave of you to admit that, perhaps what you went throught was needed as part of your spiritual growth. At the time it must have been very important to you to feel that your love was not acknowledged the way you would have liked it to be.
Some of the worst arguments I have had with my husband was based on the way I felt. And to be honest I really think that is where we differ from men. Women are emotional feeling speaking beings. And when our feelings are not properly handled to our liking........... look out. Sorry guys but that is my honest opinion.
You never know Hellion how the universe works and why, and where it will lead you next. I have a feeling the issue you brought forth that day was not new and was something that you had been carrying with you for a long time. Perhaps now you can move past a day being a apecial day, and make everyday a present. :)
And Ron I think your friend is very lucky to have someone to accompany her to the museum, to speak to her of the past and help her heal from old issues and move forward to the future.

12-15-2002, 06:17 PM
Just read this thread from beginning to end. I send my love and sympathy to all those who are at present in pain. Its great to hear how art has helped so many people.

My experience with art is a little different. I've never tried to paint my emotions out - I tend to use tears for that, - but never the less my art has 'saved' me in many life crises.

For me, my art represents the real me. When I have gone through relationship problems, a divorce, loss of a son, and many other life crises, my art has been the way I've held onto my identity - the one thing I've felt proud of, the one thing no-one could take away from me - and the only thing I've truly valued about myself!

It has kept me from total despair.

I don't think my subject matter or technique have reflected my feelings at all - its the DOING of it that has helped me. Often I just haven't felt like doing anything, but forcing myself to start has often broken that barrier.

Eight years ago I left my job to paint full time. I have a different husband (for nearly 10 years now) who supports and values my work - and my art still reminds me who I am.

I am so greatful for the skills I have and for the opportunity to use them.

Love to all,

12-16-2002, 12:32 AM
Dear Minky,
Thank you so much for the good thoughts & kind words. Luckily, the pain is behind me now & the skies ahead look sunny & clear. I was very touched by your mention of a husband "...who supports and values my work..." No one deserves a partner who can offer less, certainly. Without it, if one is in a relationship with someone who doesn't offer that, the joyous struggle to create art, well, to create anything really, can become more agony, less ecstasy. Bravo for you! You have truly found the icing on the cake.


12-16-2002, 09:56 AM
WooHoo, so good to see some more Aussies :D

12-16-2002, 11:58 AM

Don't go overboard and take on the full responsibility for your messed up gallery experience. Your then-husband also missed out on one of life's experiences. The opportunity to experience a real emotional connection. His capability of "focusing" on the artwork may well have been an avoidance tactic. Some men (and some women) have a deep seated fear of emotional closeness, and grow into a state of being emotionally unavailable. Some of these people are incapable of breaking down their self-erected barriers to relationships, and it is best to figure out what in ourselves makes us get involved with emotionally unavailable partners (emotionally unavailable parents???) and then move on to greener pastures.

Had he been open to a true relationship at the time, both of your could have shared in the gallery experience, AND the valentine one. Unfortunately, you both missed opportunities.

I am wishing you future gallery and valentine experiences that are creatively and emotionally fulfilling!

12-16-2002, 02:13 PM
Hello to all,

I am new to WC and stumbled onto this tread. I have worked in the field of Art Therapy for 15 years, primarily in grief and beverement, the written word and music are also instruments I've used. I have found writing to be best for most people, non visual artists. I really believe it is not the finished work but the doing of the work, the process, that does the healing.

I don't want this to sound to clinical, I was so touched by all the experiences and of the support you are giving one another. I lost my husband to cancer several years ago, a loss I felt I would never heal from and it was not possible for me to express my pain in my painting. I did write and that was helpful but it took a long time to be able to do that. It just proves no matter how much you think you know about a subject, you may be unable to control it.

I am no longer working in therapy because I had so many young AIDS patients, the age of my own children it just got to me. Now I am just being an artist, something I've always wanted but I think being able to do this is what has allowed my to express my self, (tell my story) and that is finally my healing process. I think any kind of art we make tells our story, one just needs to be able to read. Doing Mandala's are great ways to tell where you are at, Carl Jung did one every day.

Blessing to all of you in your personal search.


12-17-2002, 01:42 PM
I have to ask: What are "Mandala's"?

Yes, the healing is very much in the process. For visual artists, I think that is because we tend to think too much! And drawing or painting switches us to right brain for a nice "rest". As to the writing, it lets us pour out all the emotions we tend to store inside (often until they reach toxic levels!)

12-17-2002, 02:12 PM
A mandala is a circle drawing, they are used in many cultures and religions the symbol of a circle, continuing line, sun etc. It can be used as a clinical tool or as self discovery. I always use it as self discovery. You need a regular size page or 11 x 14, just not too small. I put on some soothing music and in a quiet space. I use markers or pencils, crayons etc and many many colors. Take a few minutes sitting quietly with your eyes closed, open you eyes and begin to create something inside your circle, images patterns, whatever comes out, without thought, do not plan. When the circle is filled in you may find symbols of your feelings, emotions, etc in the images, patterns, colors. I like to do them in a group, when you are finished you can share what the markings, color etc. may represent. When you do it with a group you receive some in-site from others. It is supriseing what comes out. I use mandalas with teenagers that have loss or some-kind, it always amazes me what revelations come forth. I like doing mine in a group because when you say the words out loud things seem to come out from deep, I think if you wrote your explanation it would do the same thing. Anyway some other artist friends of mine do them as art work.

I'll look for one of mine and see if I can scan to send to you.

12-17-2002, 03:16 PM
Ahhh, I see. Now that sounds intriguing. I am going to try it.