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09-22-2010, 06:08 PM
Hi guys
Just back from dancing, yet another very busy day. I'm glad to be dancing again, a few aches but no real pains or even twinges, seems like I really am starting to get fit again. Tomorrow I have to go back to acupuncture for a check up and maybe a bit of work on my back, then I think I should be OK for a while.

I'm still looking at phones, thinking maybe a sat nav one would be good. Can't decide whether to go with android though, I've got a lot of research to do.

Pam, that new supplement seems to have everything, good to hear it is helping. I'm still on the samE, plus glucosamine, vit D, omega3 and green tea. Time I added vit C too as the colds season is starting. I think the various things are helping, my aches are less and I've got more energy than I used to have - of course a bit more sleep would help! Is Luke still getting to play baseball and suchlike? My work is part time, but doesn't always seem like it! I had to look up Adam Lambert on youtube, he has one hell of a voice.

Barrie, there isn't going to be any C#*@~*#*s this year, hasn't anyone told you? Us adults will get to keep all the money and have a few days off to do exactly what we want. Bah humbug! Great news for Rita, she needs more in her life than Facebook games.

Gwen, going to the Bead Fest with your girl friend will be tremendous fun. I'd love to do some creative classes, the place we stayed in France does a weekend course on duck carving and I am very tempted to go there and take it.

Dawn, I'm looking forwards to seeing your new design. I started something a couple of weeks ago but it is still sitting on the windowsill with only the bezels made up.

Andee, only two more days till the weekend, hope you can be around then. Have you heard about the planned high speed train link London to Frankfurt, via Cologne?

Hi to anyone else around :wave:

09-23-2010, 02:33 AM
Hi Claire, didn't want you to feel lonely over here :) So glad you are feeling so much more back to yourself. yes, add in the C and maybe some zinc to avoid the colds. I wonder which song you watched him sing - they are all great, if you ask me or Maggie, LOL.

:wave: to the rest of you. Off to bed to try to get some sleep, seriously deprived of that stuff.