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11-09-2002, 09:13 AM
I have made this stuff a couple of time now and I think I have figured out the key points that make this a successful and cheap paper clay:
You'll need a stack of newspaper: No glossies
1 gallon of Elmers Glue.
A pair of vinyl or latex gloves (the newspaper ink is hard to remove from your hands)

For about 15 quarts of paper mache (enough for 20 kids to make a 12 inch figure with an an internal armature) (we made gargoyles when we were talking about gothic cathedrals)

Shred enough newspaper with a paper shredder to pack a big storage container (35 gal?). Pour BOILING water over it until is immersed and water is level on the surface. Let sit over night.

Put on your gloves. Dip your hands into this soup and try to break up the long shreds by rubbing and tearing. Then drain and squeeze dry (I end up with a lot of large orange-sized paper balls in a separate container.)

Now, working only two or three paperballs at a time, mix in the glue a cup at a time and knead it into the paper until it has the consistency of not too wet tuna salad. This is a time consuming process, it took me almost 50 minutes to get the whole thing done to the right consistency.

I have kept leftovers up to a week without mould. Do not refrigerate or freeze! The glue loses it's tack.

sue ellen
11-09-2002, 01:16 PM
Thanks for posting this!!!!!
i have printed this off to use in my classroom!!!

Do you have pics of the gargoyles????