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11-07-2002, 05:32 PM
i don't know if this the right forum to be in.. but i am a young artist who needs to put art in her life everyday. I am a full time student and have a part time job but i feel like i need to exercise my artistic side...any daily thing i can do to help me feel more balanced?

any suggections welcome...if this is a wrong forum then please direct me to another one.


11-07-2002, 07:11 PM
Dear Soulsketcher,

What about keeping a sketchbook journal? You can keep it in your purse with some colored pencils or india ink pens and do quick or longer sketches whenever you find yourself somewhere you have to wait. It's a great way to keep up your drawing skills and will remind you of some of the day to day things you've seen and appreciated.


11-07-2002, 09:48 PM
An art journal seems to be the best idea.

This or a small art piece each day :)

11-08-2002, 03:17 AM
Even when you run out of time or cannot do sketching at that particular moment, jot down future ideas, or some things you'd like to work on...colours, subjects composition, medium....
Sometimes really cool unique ideas pop into your head, and then forgotten 5 min later if not written down...works for me, then refer to your notes when U need inspiration!!!

11-08-2002, 06:47 PM
I agree with the above posts. Keep a little sketchbook with you. There are aome wonderful little blank hardcovers out today. Best of luck!

11-09-2002, 07:59 AM
Soulsketcher, I wanted to jump start my daughter's (29 years) languishing art career- (she has a full time job). I bought her a great book on drawing. I never had to say another word. She is quoting me pages from it, and doing the drawing exercises everyday.

I will find out the name and title and get back to you.

The sketch book is a great idea


11-14-2002, 05:46 PM
thanks guys! you are awesome..i will go out and get a small sketch book and do it that way. I also found a book...if you guys ever get into a slump..it is the drawing onthe right side of your brain workbook. i have done exercises from it before but i am excited about it! i definately encourage you to check it out..it gets you into seeing things differently.

Also..impressionist2 i would be delighted to hear abou the book! i can't wait...thanks for thinking of me too!

11-14-2002, 09:57 PM
Hi Soulsketcher! You have Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain? Thats an *excellant* book. If you keep a copy of all the exercises you do from start to finish you'll see amazing improvement --and its fun! If you start an art journal, I want to put a plug in for the Artist Journals project in the Art Projects area. Join us. We're gonna be sharing pages from our artist journals.


11-14-2002, 10:07 PM
Soulsketcher I just thought of something else. Theres something you can do on a daily basis thats fun and doesn't require hours and hours. Have you ever seen mandalas? Some are very complicated and require a great deal of time but many others are much simpler and don't require a huge chunk of time. A mandala is just a circle--any size, dinner plate size is good. The basic instructions for a mandala is just to fill it in..you can fill that circle with anything you want...lines, squiggles, patterns, abstract representations, symbols...anything. Use color...markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint --anything you want. By working within a circle like that is kinda meditative in a way. Its very relaxing and afterwards you feel a kind of wholeness. It has to do with it being in a circle. There are even books written on mandalas (and websites, run a search at Google). Some of the books explain what various symbols people make mean subconsciously..and what the colors we use without thinking too much about it mean. It can be a very fascinating study.

Just an idea.


11-16-2002, 12:31 PM

you are turning out to be a wonderful resource! tell me more about the journal project... and the mandala things is a great idea!!! thanks so much!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

11-16-2002, 03:34 PM
Hi Soulsketcher! If you go to the Art Projects area here and click on Artist Journals, you'll find all the details about the project there. Holler if you have any questions. Would love to have you join us :)

OK..now about Mandalas. I have two books here at home on doing them which you can ask for at your public library. One is a very simple one titled "Creating Mandalas" by Susanne F. Fincher. Another one alittle more detailed but still contemporary is "Mandala" by Judith Cornell, Ph.D. I haven't done these in a while but they are alot of fun. That second book is making them with colored pencils on black paper and they are luminous. Glad winter is here so I can get back into these (and a few other projects I tend to do more in the winter:-).

I also searched Google for you. You can see some really nice contemporary mandalas at:


There's somemore in a gallery here:


And theres alot of mandala links here:



11-16-2002, 04:28 PM
Pat - Thanks so much for posting these links. I have been planning to paint a mandala/sacred circle since I read The Artist's Way two years ago. The links are just great and I'm sure to find lots of inspiration for when I create my own mandala.

Soulsketcher - I bought the new edition of Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain only yesterday. I had borrowed the earlier edition from the library over a year ago and found that it really helped me with my drawing, so when I saw the new edition - I just had to have it! Great book!

I also keep a small sketchbook with me at all times to write down or sketch any ideas I might have on the spur of the moment. This is a great tool because sometimes ideas can be hard to remember later, particularly if you have had a hectic day.

Renee - Please remember to get back to us with the name of the book. It certainly made an impression on your daughter.

Serena :)

11-16-2002, 06:51 PM
Serena --Great! I'm sooo glad those links were helpful. I hope you enjoy doing them. They're very centering. I always feel better afterwards. I need to start doing them again cause I've been feeling frazzled lately and I know those would help. They're on my to-do list :)

I loved reading about how you carry a sketchbook with you all the time. I don't do that and I *should.* I do jot down ideas on index cards or scraps of paper --whatever is handy. But haven't made a practice yet of keeping a sketchbook with me wherever I go. Thats excellant that you do. I was sketching in mine just before I signed back on here tho..shapes of vases that I'll need for upcoming projects. I seem to work in mine more when I have a specific thing I need to do. It would be better if it was habit more.


11-22-2002, 09:25 PM
Find a way to express your emotions in an artistic way.

This can be done using photography, your journal, a sketch book, etc.

What color are you drawn to when you're happy? Angry? Excited? Sad?

Do you live near the ocean? What emotions do you see reflected in it? Is it calm? Angry?

11-23-2002, 10:36 AM
Like mentioned already, I also have Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain ...excellent book! That coupled with the small blank sketchbook will keep your fingers busy when time is at a premium ...:)

Collage is a great way to keep busy creativley too when time is tight but you would like to do a quick art project. Use old wet-on-wet watercolor sheets and snip and tear away ...