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09-14-2010, 02:44 PM
Hi everybody.

I started reading stuff today. And boy, do I have A LOT of stuff to read, and digest, and sort through, and mull over and... and... and...! I'm just glad my boss won't be back in the office until Thursday, at least that gives me a bit of peace. I keep getting asked old-job-questions, tho, and when you still sit in one office with your replacement you really can't help picking up things and helping out with advice (and being really REALLY glad that you're not the one anymore who has to do those tasks), but it doesn't really help concentrating on the things I should concentrate on. Oh well, it will get better, I guess. I'm just so tired... Even tho I nearly slept through the night last night (*thud*).

Claire - oh. my. goodness. I already get scared standing on the beach when a wave washes over my feet and I feel the sand sinking the slightest bit underneath, I would have been terrified in your situation! Hugs!! Hope David will replace your mobile with a better one and without a fuss! Have a fantastic holiday, I'm sure you can do with it!

Dawn - the bit about your boss wanting you to run the store slipped my attention, sorry, and congrats! :) Please do show us your bracelet when it's finished - the S&Ts are so empty nowadays that I feel tumblweeds should be rolling through them.

Barrie - bummer about the coral. And of course do you love your iphone! If I could I would marry mine, and I normally despise cell phones. ;)

Gwen - I was thinking about Chica today, did she turn up again?

Pam - how are you feeling today?

Everybody - :grouphug:

09-14-2010, 04:39 PM
Hi guys,
I've got a surprise night in, should have been a rehearsal but the director went and changed it to Wednesday, well I can't do that as I am away then. My packing is done, and Leon's, David hasn't even looked at his of course. Last holiday he forgot to take a towel and had to use one of the ones I had packed for Leon (not as bad as it sounds, it was one of ours that had just been downgraded).

Dawn, you need another couple of days in the week with all you want to do. Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Barrie, I'm certainly owed a phone if nothing else. Had a quick look today but I really don't know what I want. Hope the coral has survived, is your dh still as obsessed?

Andee, a good night's sleep is a big improvement, maybe this change of job is just what you needed. It will be a steep learning curve to start with but son be second nature. What is your new job title?

Pam, hope this surgery is just what Frank needs, scary but got to be better than the pain.

09-14-2010, 05:28 PM
Andee, the new job seems to be so much better than the last one. Sleeping through the night, how awesome is that! Buddy found Chica's remains for us. Unfortunately there was no happy ending although it is nice to at least know that she is now beside her precious baby Sunnie. I suspect snake bite to a vital body spot with death being very quick. Funny thing was she was near the spot where she had her first litter of kittens that were subsequently eaten by a rattler. You may recall that Sunnie was the only baby she managed to save.

Claire, that clam digging experience sounds like some adventures I have gotten myself into. Can't blame you for not being a happy camper. Good thing you have a nice holiday coming up to help you recover. Glad the show went well even if the king didn't know his lines.

Dawn, hope all goes well with running the store while your boss is away.

Barrie, I bet Claire will be so happy with the iPod! I never use mine and that makes me so unhappy.What a waste of money for me.I can't seem to find a headset that will work for me since I have to wear the bionic ears! I need to just give it up and purchase a speaker stand for it as I would so enjoy the music while playing in my studio. Good luck with the show!

Pam, seems home school is going well for you and Luke. I enjoy your FB posts. Hope surgery is Frank's answer to pain free days.

No news from here. Still very hot so not much studio torch time. I'm trying to clean closets and get fall clothes in order. That isn't much fun with it still being summer weather here.

09-14-2010, 08:43 PM
hi guys, just taking a little break from the holiday gift basket stuff. It never fails, she says she'll get it to me early, but she gets it to me late and then she's in a rush for it sooner than we said. Add that to homeschool and this surgery thing... I'm a stressed mess. Luke didn't want to do his math today (it's not fun!) so I let him watch a movie on Abraham Lincoln's assassination instead. Not feeling like a good homeschool mom today, but I just can't do it all. I think this whole week is blown. Next week is a new week.

Gwen, I've got to do my closets too, I don't even go into them anymore which shows you how much that stuff needs to move out.

Claire, have a great holiday! I'm a bit jealous. And too bad for the director, what was he thinking not taking your schedule into account? LOL, at least you get a night off.

Andee, that sounds pretty good, unless you are the type to fall asleep if you are reading too much (I do... except I'm better now with the kindle - it must be easier on my eyes.)

Well, break's over. I have her postcard done and all her images edited, and the thing organized... so now it's copy and paste for the most part. I'm going to finish this tonight if I have to stay up all night long and be done with it.


09-15-2010, 01:02 AM
A late hello from me but I wanted to be sure to drop in.

Andee - glad you got some sleep last night. Maybe Pam's right and all the reading will help lull you to sleep more! Thanks for the congrats. It's been the plan for a while but it finally all seems to be coming together.

Claire - have fun on your holiday! My DH always packs at the last minute as well but it's usually me (who takes a week to pack everything) that forgets something vital - like underwear!

Gwen - I hadn't realized that you had lost some cats-how sad :(. Buddy seems to be doing well though and you still have the boys? It's nice here, cool mornings and evenings but still warm through the day.

Pam - I imagine with homeschooling you will have plenty of opportunities to switch things around and still stay caught up with the curriculum. Too bad you couldn't get out of the gift basket website though! I made beads today. I wanted something easy and stress-free so I took some inspiration from Cornelia and made some 1 1/2" lentils with frits and silver. I'm pleased with a couple of them anyway.

:wave: everyone!

I just got back from my first bead group meeting in a very long time! It was really nice to see the girls again and catch up on all that I've missed. Other than that I walked the dog and made three beads today. Back to work tomorrow but bead show on Thursday and I'm getting excited ;) . Not much money to spend - me or the store - but this is the biggest show of the year here so there's more vendors to see. Hoping for some African traders with some interesting goodies and some new Hill Tribe silver though I'm scared to death to see what the silver prices will be.

I'll pop in tomorrow sometime. Have a good night everyone!