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09-13-2010, 12:15 PM
Good morning!!
Andee, well, how'd it go? Don't forget the first week or two will be rough cuz you're learning a whole new process. Good luck!!

Pam, bet your neighbors were not too happy with you! LOL How was the mac and cheese? If you'd skipped the bacon, I'd have been right over! Hope your school day goes well today! :)

Dawn, busy busy gal!! That's awesome that your boss wants you to run the place - no surprise cuz you're awesome. :) Hope the boys are enjoying their new school year!

Claire, oh dear! What happened?!?

Fiona, hope you're doing well and just busy.

:wave: to all today!! I'm muddling through class registrations today - keeping up with all the little details is tedious at times, but no complaints! For those not on FB, I got my iPhone finally!! YAY!!!! My other phone kicked the bucket and was making me NUTS - the speaker would kick in and out as I was talking, and though I couldn't hear anything, apparently people on the other end could hear me clearly complaining about my phone!! :eek: So a friend of mine's hubby works at an electronics place that does phones and such, and hooked me up with the iphone - changed my provider, added a data package, got the phone for free, and I am one happy camper!! Then when I stopped by their place yesterday, her hubby had a couple of rubbermade containers full of iphone cases, told me to grab a handful!! I have 10 new 'outfits' for my phone!! How cool is that?! ROFL! I'll have the most stylish phone around - or at least have a phone that matches my wardrobe changes! LOL Silly really, but what the heck! :)

Anyway, back to my grindstone, hope you're all having a great day! Cheers!

09-13-2010, 01:38 PM
Hi Barrie, hi all.

I'm soooo tired. Got way too little sleep last night, hope I can catch up a little bit tonight. First day was quite relaxed, I just tried to get organised, learning will start tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to that... It was weird to find emails for my old job in my inbox and simply forward them to my replacement and then delete them. Weird, but good! ;)

Barrie - I hope one of those outfits is purple, or you would not be Barrie! ;)

Claire - yikes, what happened?

Pam - hope you had a great time with your old friend!

Dawn - will the bead show be for your job or for your enjoyment? Hope it's the latter. :)

All - :wave:

09-13-2010, 03:16 PM
Hi all
Well I'm here, tired and aiming for a hot bath and an early night. But first here's the story. David asked if I wanted to go razor clam collecting on Overy beach, told me we would walk along the sea wall path and across the sand. And no I wouldn't need wellies. So I agreed, I also agreed to go early and meet them at Andy's and bring stuff for lunch. So I went shopping, luckily I got plenty because nobody had bothered to tell me Andy's kids would be there. So I got there, fed them, helped clear up and then we went off to the beach. After a short stretch along the path they decided to cross the creek, luckily it was only ankle deep, no problem as I was wearing crocs. Then another creek, this one a lot deeper, and with sinking sand. Horrid, I wanted to go back but they persuaded me to cross, and half way across I stepped in a hollow and fell in, soaked myelf totally - and my mobile phone. Which is now dead. Anyway, we got to the beach, couldn't find any clams, eventually gae up and came back across the marsh to avoid the creeks, and got to the main creek which was really deep. Leon chased after some swans and David had to charge through waist deep water after him. I refused to cross as there was sinking sand and anything waist deep on David is chest deep on me. So he had to borrow a rowboat and tow me across, with him wading through the waer, Leon swimming alongside and me sitting in the boat!

So that's the story, I was truly terrified of the deep water and sinking sand and so angry that he hadn't been honest about what was involved. My sim survived but the phone is a goner.

Enough of the bad stuff, the show was very successful, and I have one more day before we go on holiday. I've booked everything, and just need to do the packing this evening, not a huge task as we are only away for four nights and not planning going anywhere posh.

Barrie, I hope you managed some productive time, I am longing to start making things again now Hamlet is safely buried. Yay for the new phone, although I must confess I hate new phones, can't find anything and have to learn all the new set-up. Just not a gadget person.

Pam, now you are a home schooler can't you get out of doing that website, sounds like a good excuse to me. Hope you had a good time with your friend, I ought to try to spend more time with mine as they get badly deserted when I am busy.

Andee, sorry your weekend was so rotten, sounds like work was better than feared. It must have felt wonderful to just pass on all those awful emails. Sleep well, and I'm still hoping this job can be a pleasant one.

Dawn, you are going to have your hands very full as store manager. I hope things pick up a bit, it is always worrying when trade is slow.

09-13-2010, 03:48 PM
Good afternoon!

Barrie - congrats on the new phone! I know you will LOVE it. My husband even admitted to me the other day that he was skeptical when I first got mine but he sees that I use it ALL the time.

Andee - glad your day was fairly stress-free and hoping that will give you a good night's rest tonight! I'm mainly going to the show for a few things for the store but I will certainly have a look around for myself.

Claire - what an awful adventure! Sinking sand sounds pretty terrifying to me. Hopefully you've recovered and will have a wonderful time on holiday. It is a bit scary when sales are down but I know they will pick up again.

:wave: everyone!

So I got all my Monday chores done and now I'm debating on what to do with my afternoon. I made a mess of my bead stash with some cheap organizing boxes and have spent quite a few hours putting everything back in the nicer boxes I prefer and still have some more of that to do. I have a new wire video to watch and I have been itching to make a new bracelet. I also need to get back in the swing of torching so - too much to choose from! I think I'll start by tidying the studio and see where that takes me.

09-13-2010, 11:00 PM
Claire, I do believe David owes you a lovely round of retail therapy with no complaining!!! You poor thing - no wonder you were done in!! Blech! Glad the show is done and you're getting ready for a holiday - looking forward to a few pics when you get back. You always stay in the most lovely of places! :)

Dawn, hmmmmmm, bead show! :) Sounds like fun, even if it is for work! LOL Congrats on getting the chores done!

Andee, yay! Sounds like it wasn't a horrible day afterall!! Gotta love that delete button!

:wave: again! :) Yes, Dawn I LOVE my iphone, tho it did take me a bit to figure out how to answer the darn thing! LOL I'm still trying to figure out the new bluetooth I got for the car - it's the speaker one, not the earpiece one. But must find the direction booklet and read! Freya wants my ipod so bad she can taste it, but Claire (the new DIL) would really love it and I know as an adult certainly appreciate it more! She was quite wistful about it tonight, so I think I will gift it to her - I'll have to make sure Dayton's favorite apps are on it! LOL

Anyway, off for a quiet night, dh is fussing with his fish tank - one of the corals is kicking the bucket and he's distraught about it. Hope he figures out the problem and fixes it - but sometimes these things happen. Have a lovely evening all! :)