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11-01-2002, 07:43 AM
Gyotaku - Fish Printing
Got about 25 or so printed - "beginner" quality.


11-01-2002, 10:05 AM
Now that's different :D I just did a quick search and found many interesting web sites for learning more about gyotaku, very fun and interesting work to produce. I think your "beginner" effort looks great! Are you going to print some on gold? Also, I was assuming you printer the fish like it were a stamp, I see it is more like a plate resting in sand that you ink and then pat the paper down on, was that your process? Anyway, this is really cool....thanks for opening my eyes to another wonder.

11-01-2002, 10:06 AM
Coooool. so, im not familiar with this, but i saw it in a dick blick catalog.
do you buy the fish, do you ue an actual fish to print these things? if so, can i use a live one? do i have to dry it out first?
Thyis is cool- even if it's "beginner quality." you thought about using these in your work as you get better?

11-01-2002, 01:14 PM
Txs geck, dragon boy for looking/commenting

You use a real fish, apply paint and press the paper onto the fish.
(hey, it's already dead, purchased from the fish market....),

Didn't think about gold - good idea.

You COULD use live, dragon, but that's just plain sick! (and I DON'T mean cool):D

Ya gotta wipe it/ dry it off after each printing and every once in a while wash it off and dry it thoroughly.

Am trying it in a work now but don't want "cutsey" so the going is slow and have lot's of prints to play with.

Tried Chinese ink and heavy bodied acrylics but found that liquid airbrush acrylic worked best. Gonna try printmaking inks next.

Txs again for your indulgence.

11-01-2002, 02:29 PM
This is interesting mame, thanks for the explanation...........the fact that you did so many makes me see these as an installation somewhere, maybe hanging from a ceiling with fishing line.......a school of Gyotaku. Just a thought.:)

11-01-2002, 07:24 PM
Wow.... cool stuff Miss Molly! I think I'm going to enjoy your new fishy ways. :D

11-01-2002, 07:49 PM
OMG, this is great! Can you eat them afterwards, I wonder? What a great idea for a party if so.


11-01-2002, 08:04 PM
hey koko - good idea. Gotta get this technique down a little better, though :D

Aurora - we'll see, we'll see....

Robert - sushi with a little rice sake on the side?

11-02-2002, 06:27 AM
Just proves you can create art out of just about anything. Interesting technique.