View Full Version : WIA - Wednesday 9-8-10

09-08-2010, 02:29 PM
just getting us started - hope you are all having fabulous days!

09-08-2010, 02:56 PM
Hi Pam, hi all!

I officially gave up my business today (effective as of December 31), had lunch at my mum's, bought 2 tees and that was pretty much my day. Didn't sleep well, kept dreaming and worrying about my new job, sigh.

Maggie - no chance for pic taking. The weather is horrible, which serves as a perfect excuse for me because I'm really not feeling creative, not even for using my camera. I'm a complete hermit and it seems to get worse the older I become. I'm already looking forward to the xmas days because I can stay in my PJs for days then... ;)

Pam - I'm really not doing anything except small things (like thoroughly cleaning my oven, or cleaning all windows, declaring my business as finished, sorting through clothes etc) - lots of reading and relaxing, which is what I need the most. Hope you're headache-free today and Frank is feeling a bit better.

Hugs to all!

09-08-2010, 05:54 PM
Pam, poor Frank! I wondered what the heck you guys were doing going rockhunting with that bad back of his!! Guess you're going to have to train Luke to self-entertain pretty soon or you're gonna go crazy! LOL It does sound like he's enjoying the homeschooling thing. Hope it all works out for everyone in the end! :)

Andee, being a hermit isn't always a good thing! LOL Can't blame you though - I go through those phases myself quite often! Hope the creative bug bites you again soon and your camera becomes your friend again - maybe once you get the newness of the new job over and done with? Fingers crossed for you!

Maggie, people throwing money at me means that the classes for the bead show are ready for registration and once it goes live (as in people can sign up and pay), it's just like having money thrown at me! lol Some people sign up for classes all day every day!! Craziness!! But we have a great line up this fall, so I won't be surprised.

:wave: to all today - I'm waiting patiently for some final info for the new bead show website (figured might as well do that too!), then it should go live. Students are chomping at the bit - sending me emails, etc. I'm ready to focus on something else though - heading to my studio for the evening - should be fun. have a good one everybody! :)

09-08-2010, 06:39 PM
Hi guys, sorry I didn't get here yesterday, it was totally manic. Our dress rehearsal was disastrous - well the bit I was in was, the guy playing opposite me had not had the chance to learn any of his lines! It realy wasn't his fault, but it has left me a bit worried that we are so under-rehearsed.

Tonight I went to dancing for the first time in ages, and it went surprisingly well. Not too strenuous, just enough to work up a mild sweat. I'll see how my knee is tomorrow, fingers crossed it will not be too bad.

Andee, I think you are so used to life being miserable that it is hard to enjoy anything properly. Maybe when you are settled in the new job, which is bound to be hard work to start with as you are learning it, you'll find the world is looking a better place. My job is OK, I like the people and the work that I was taken on to do, the problems are the other things which aren't my job but end up on my desk.

Maggie, early morning walks are lovely, especially if you have nice weather, I envy you that. Of course I love my walks because I have Leon to share them with, sometimes think it would be nicer with your sunshine.

Pam, isn't that always the way with men, as soon as they feel slightly better they are off doing their hobbies which mess them up again. Interesting play, are you after something physically tiring or just a mental relaxation?

Barrie, sounds like you have some enthusiastic customers, you must be getting this bead show thing right. Maybe you should start a franchise, I'm sure Maggie could get one going in Chico.