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Blick Art Materials
09-08-2010, 09:53 AM
Calculating Ceramic and Glaze Coverage
Whether one is a teacher, student, studio artists or hobbyist, figuring out how much material to order can be daunting. Our artists have taken some of that guess work out and offer some practical guides in ordering just enough clay and glaze materials without an overabundance in supplies.

Clay is traditionally offered in 50lb cartons, sorted by 2, 25lb bricks wrapped in air tight storage bags. Taking the scale of the project into consideration, estimate how many projects per number of individuals for a grant total of projects completed.
1lb butter = 1lb moist clay
1 stick of butter (1/4lb) is enough clay to create approximately 1, 3 pinch pot
One pound of clay will allow 4, 3 pinch pots, for approximately 200 projects completed per 50lb carton.

Underglazes and pigmented overglazes are available in 2oz and pint size bottles. Roughly estimate how many square inches each piece is in a project.
Remember that in order to get sufficient color, 3 solid coats of glaze is usually needed, but colors will vary in opacity.
1oz liquid glaze will cover 1, 12 tile
One pint of glaze (16oz) will cover 16, 12 tiles or dinner plates

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