View Full Version : Feeling negativity?

10-29-2002, 10:07 PM
I discovered a way to combat negative feelings today! It might work for you too.

If you're feeling stressed, bored, depressed, and generally unenthusiastic about your self or your work (like I have been lately), then find something you normally never work with (in my case it is wood) and create the UGLIEST and TACKIEST object ever. Don't try to make it pretty, just have fun playing with colors, shapes, forms, ect...

I did this for my current art assignment, for Creativity class. The assignment is to decorate a stick. My problem with it is that I absolutely hate working with wood (wood is of the devil). In addition, I have been inundated with other projects for my other classes, and have been feeling stressed and creatively drained. As a result I have approached this stick assignment with antipathy, not wanting to do it at all. I didn't know what to do with it, but after some thinking, I got the idea to make it as ugly as I could conceivably make it. And you know what, I had FUN! My stick is the gaudiest thing to walk the earth, but it has happy colors (yellow and purple polka dots :D ) and makes me laugh to look at it. And now I feel energetic and enthusastic about my other projects.

So, thats my suggestion!
How do other people here deal with antipathy and negative emotions?


Wayne Gaudon
10-30-2002, 06:09 AM
I have to go the other direction .. I have trouble getting things out of my head so I have to fill it with something else (granddaugher is about the best thing to clear my head .. God she makes me feel good as we have some special bond .. everyone see's it as well .. don't know where or how it came but we are one .. it's too nice .. she is so full of innocent joy it's contagious.)

.. your idea is something I do when I ruin a piece .. if it's not working I then take whatever and procede in a manner that one would never think of .. sometimes I make such a mess it is downright laughable and that helps and other times I end up with a good piece .. go figure.

10-30-2002, 07:21 AM
Nihil! This was ****GREAT****! I would absolutely *love* to see a pic of your stick! I was cracking up but you know you went the right way. This is fantastic. Please post a pic of your stick when you get a chance.


10-30-2002, 12:15 PM
I laughed reading your story thinking that it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "beat you with an ugly stick." Hahaha! I have done such things when my son was young, finger painting, painting rocks and such...always a blast!

Id love to see the stick! Im so curious.