View Full Version : W/C Mosaic Collage

10-28-2002, 09:13 AM
:)Here's an idea to help you use up some of those old w/c paintings that you have "ruined" on both sides.

What is it? Using an old piece of w/c paper, create a mosaic collage much like the ancient tile ones in Italy.

This is a time consuming project, so if you lack patience, you might want to skip this one. It's like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle.:D

Old painting, any size w/c paper, white glue

Step #1: make a pattern for an urn.
To make a pattern for an urn:

Select a piece of plain paper that is the same size as your w/c paper. Fold the paper in half. Starting at the fold, sketch one side of the urn, being sure that it takes up most of the piece of paper. Cut out the urn. Unfold it.

Step #2: transfer the pattern
To transfer the urn pattern onto the w/c paper:

Place the cutout on your w/c paper and trace around it. Draw in the details (patterns) on the urn on the w/c paper. (example: several sunflowers)

Step #3: make the collage.
To make the mosaic collage:

Tear up or cut up old paintings into small pieces. Glue the pieces onto the w/c paper using white glue. You can do the design first or the background first. (example: sunflowers on a cobalt blue background).