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09-05-2010, 04:58 AM
Hi everyone :wave: just running through and starting us off. Have a good one all, Fiona

09-05-2010, 06:04 AM
Hi guys,
Well the main masks are done (& posted in S&T), the other easy ones should be finished today. I've tidied all the hundreds of beads and sequins off the dining table! Hopefully I can have my life back now, always knew I couldn't do beading - it is so fiddly. Long rehearsal today, looking forwards to this show being over with - sounds awful but I really haven't got into it.

Yesterday was too busy to drop by here, we had an early walk with Leon's best friend Marley - he lives in Norwich bt they come over to their caravan on the coast every couple of weeks in the summer. The boys had a wonderful walk at the old sand pits, swam and chased and rolled and utterly exhausted themselves. We went to the quiz last night and won convincingly. Our friends came too, and Rachel told us she is going to have a baby in April, I'm so pleased for her as she miscarried last year and was told she might have problems conceiving. Still early days so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Maggie, did your sister attend college in Chico too? I hadn't heard that she was planning moving there too. It will be lovely to have your nieces nearby.

Pam, so sorry that surgery is going to be the only option for Frank, I hope it solves the problem once and for all. Does the HS centre help you with setting your curriculum? You'll probably need some kind of structure, albeit a flexible one, so that LUke will learn how to organise time for the future. Good luck with it all, I'd be delighted to help if there is anything I can do.

Barrie, well done getting the classes sorted. Hope that means you have some you time now.

Fiona, hope your day is a good one.

Andee, hope you are OK, all the best for tomorrow. Making S&T monthly is a good idea, seems amazing that it used to be daily!

09-05-2010, 12:53 PM
Good morning!! It's cloudy but not raining yet - it was HOT on Friday, so I'm relishing the cooler weather! :)

Claire, great job on the masks! They look fabulous, btw! I'm with you on the beading - too tedious for me! I do admire those that can stick to it though! Had to laugh when you said 'the boys' were doing all the rolling and playing - for a minute I was thinking you were talking about the men folk, not the dogs! LOL!! Great news for Rachel, hope it all goes well this time! Did you finally decide on a place for the holidays?

Fiona, have good day - hope you don't have too much running around to do!

:wave: to all today - not much going on here. Got my class stuff done, just waiting on final confirmation from the instructors that I got all their info right then we go live. Let the madness commence! :) I think I just got talked into doing a e-tutorial on findings and such so I think that's my next project - in amongst all the other projects I'm doing! lol I'm heading for the studio this afternoon, so will see if any prototypes happen or not! lol Have a great day all - I first have to head to the pet food store to stock up on critter goods.... never a dull moment! LOL Cheers!

09-05-2010, 01:20 PM
Hi all.

Either I've developed an allergy to a still unknown substance, or I have another cold again. ARRRRGH!!! I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired... :(

Claire - great masks, although could you explain what parts they're for? (In the S&T? Or did you and I didn't see...?) Your friend must be really happy, and probably really worried, too. Hope everything goes well for her. Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow, but I don't need them just yet, I still have another week off. :)

Barrie - erm, going live? You're planning to become a tv star or something? *confused and feeling really out of the loop here*

Pam - I have no idea how that homeschooling is supposed to work, but best of luck with it! :) I still keep my fingers crossed for no-surgery for Frank. I'm living with a herniated disk in my neck for 15 or so years now and can cope with it more or less, maybe it will be like that for Frank one day, too. Btw, I love your current profile pic on FB, you look fabulous :)

Maggie - I have to say that I feel the most out of the loop with your life - there has been so much going on which I couldn't follow, a move, not teaching anymore, sister moving to your place... I know it's my fault for no keeping up... it makes me sad.

Fiona - :wave:

Arrgh - hiccup.

Hugs to all!

09-06-2010, 02:33 AM
hi Peeps, long long day here, but I wanted to say hi.

Thanks Claire! LOL, I'd love to get him more involved with drama, too bad you didn't live up the street :) I'm pulling the curriculum together - I found a great online science teacher (because I'm no science wiz) and a fun site for learning some decent entertaining things like biographies and social studies (mulit-media to shake up the reading and work books)... it's coming together and we will figure it out as we go - I just need SOMETHING to put down for the state forms.

Andee, Frank has been living with them on and off now for about that long too - so ug! it's not fun! I'm sorry you are living with it too... the problem now is one of them is somewhat ruptured and according to the MRI is touching on his spinal cord and other nerves which makes it impossible to lift his arm higher than half way - he can't use his arm, and while the pain is getting better, that is not...

Claire, I have to go hunting for the masks - are they in show and tell? I'll look tomorrow as my eyes are starting to cross.

Hiya Barrie, so glad things are almost done - now the fun stuff, right?

Hey to you too Princess Fiona, are you all settled back to normal yet?

:wave: and good night - fyi Kalypso goes on sale tomorrow at 10:00 for any glass peeps wanting some!