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09-02-2010, 03:08 PM
Hi all.

I'm having a major case of exquisitely bad mood, so I keep this short - just wanted you all to know that I'm here, somewhere, not enjoying my holidays that much due to either a) a cold and when that went away b) a backache so wonderfully awful that I could hardly stand straight and when that got better c) a headache from hell. Fun. Erm. Let's hope I'm done with that soon so that at least I can enjoy my last week of holidays...

Sorry for the whine, hope to be back in a few days with something resembling an at least neutral mood. :wave:

09-02-2010, 04:29 PM
Hi all,
Only one more day to go this week, I'm ready for the weekend now. Work has been fine, it's everything else that is a struggle, I can't work out where my evenings disappear to, seems like once we have walked Leon and I've cooked supper that there is no time left for anything. Still no progress on the masks, that's what I'm going to look at when I have finished posting here.

Maggie, looks like your new life is going to be as an artist. Does Chico have any galleries you can sell in?

Pam, I think the homeschooling will work out educational for all of you. Does the centre help with structure so you make sure you cover all the basic elements?

Andee, what rotten luck you have had with holidays lately. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new job is a big improvement and your life becomes fun again.

Time I got on with the masks, the king one is next, all red velvet and gold embellishments.

09-02-2010, 05:21 PM
Andee, I'm just sorry that your holiday has been so miserable so far. Hoping it gets better fast!

Claire, Chico is a pretty artsy place and there are some opportunities I'll be looking into. My days seem to disappear before I know it. Have you found the perfect spot in France yet for your holiday?

Pam, I love the idea of travel, museums, and the like as part of homeschooling.

Fiona, Are you all finished with medical appointments? Glad your dentist visit wasn't martial arts strange in any way!

Barrie, Sounds like you were very organized and business like yesterday! Hope all went well with bead store shopping and all.

Come next week I am going to set up some sort of a schedule for myself. I am someone who can become so obsessed that I don't take time for myself. That's okay to begin with if I need to, but have to enjoy life also. Today I will be spinning everything I can get my hands on, will be doing some online shopping for roving, research on dying fibres, and the like. Don't you just love the name fiberista! Maybe I am a dork who knows she could never handle being a barista, but think it's a cool name.

09-02-2010, 09:11 PM
Hi All!!

Maggie, fiberista! Love it!! Online shopping and spinning - great way to spend a day!!

Claire, don't you hate when time flies like that? Hope the masks come together with little fuss.

Andee, that sucks that you're having such a rough holiday! Time you had some FUN instead!! Hope you feel better soon.

:wave: to all today, I signed myself up for a one night marketing class today. One of my vendors who lives near me is going to join me so it won't be a long drive along. Looking forward to it! Working on some show stuff tonight, seems to be all I'm doing of late!! Anyway! Hope you all have a great evening! Cheers!

09-02-2010, 10:13 PM
Hi all. Hope this post works. Haven't been to chatty through this long hot summer but have been keeping up with each of you.

Fiona, glad all your maintenance stuff is proving non-eventful. I bet you are glad to be back "home".

Claire, good luck with the masks and what fun to foster doodles. I probably couldn't give them up but I admire those who can. How fun to be off to France again.

Andee, congrats on the new job. I so hope it is the right one for you and you can start to be you again. Terrible that you are once again spending your holidays ill. Maybe this will be the end of it once your stress level goes away.

Pam, looks like you may be doing the home school thing. It might be just the ticket for Luke. He is such a smart and talented child. I think my niece only spends about 3 hrs per day on "studies". The rest is spent on field trips and such. Hope Frank can get some relief for his back issues.

Maggie, a yarn store on Etsy might be just the ticket for you. I do better if I sort of plan my day like a "work" schedule. Otherwise I waste the day on the computer and hate myself for it. Maybe the teaching thing at Micheal's will work out for you to give you some interaction with other folks.

Barrie, good on you for taking that marketing course. Your show date is approaching quickly. I hope it is a good one! Loved the wedding picture. Your dress was so pretty.

Gladys, hope your appointment goes well. I feel there will surely be some good compensation from the manufacturer. I bet lawyers are already lining up for the class action.

All I can say about my part of the world is that it is HOT!! We may have a little relief this weekend. Our Chica Momma Kitty has gone missing. We fear she has met with foul play as she was not one to roam like the other cats. She has been gone for over a week. Norm is wanting to get horses! I don't want anything else to take care of. I don't protest too much because that just pushes him forward. LOL I'm beginning to be able to torch a bit in the early morning so that tells me cooler weather is on the way.