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Mayet Ankh
10-27-2000, 07:58 AM
When I saw all the birds turning up in this forum I just had to rummage in my old pictures folder to find this watercolour pencil drawing of the Emu. It is part of a picture containing several animals. I was not very keen on the finished picture but some of the birds were OK.

<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Critiques/User/emu.jpg" border=0>

10-27-2000, 10:12 AM
I like what I see here! I'd love to see the whole thing. I've considered trying coloured pencil. I know I'd not be able to manage watercolour pencil, though, or watercolour at all. I'm quite sure I'd make a mess of things as I don't know the first thing about it. I admire those who do.
This is very nice. I like what you've done with the background, too.

10-27-2000, 10:32 AM

You are an excellent drawer!

10-27-2000, 10:54 AM
<FONT COLOR="Green">Mayet.</FONT c>

This emu is rendered very nicely. i haven`t tried watercolour prencils yet

Mayet Ankh
10-28-2000, 06:10 AM
Hi Bev, Cindy and Animal,
Thanks for your comments about the Emu. I learned to use Watercolour pencil a couple of years ago as I was bored with the limited colour range of lead pencil and graphite etc.

10-28-2000, 01:17 PM
Great job. Love the details. If there is more I still like it as is. Keep on a drawing. Doing good.

Tammy "I MUST be an Artist, artist".

11-09-2000, 09:53 PM
I was wondering how the eye was rendered so nicely?Again, Great piece

Mayet Ankh
11-10-2000, 05:01 AM
Animal, I did this a few years ago so can't remember exactly what I did. But I think I outlined it with the black watercolour pencil, then filled it in with an orange colour and used a tiny amount of water on a small brush - just enough to move the orange pigment, and leaving a spot of white for the highlight. Then I would have put in the black pupil with watercolour pencil, once again just touching it with the tip of a damp brush. When I use watercolour pencil I don't use much water - just enough to spread the pigment a little and enliven the colours. Sometimes I use a black artline pen to do the eyes on animals as it makes them more bright and lifelike.

11-11-2000, 08:31 PM
Excelently rendered emu Mayeth!
I would like to see something more recent if this was years ago.


Mayet Ankh
11-17-2000, 03:49 AM
Hi Darrell,
Glad you liked the emu. I have not done many animal pictures over the past year, mainly concentrating on the human figure. I will see if I can find anything worth posting.

11-17-2000, 04:05 AM
A great Emu, well done,were they used dry?

Rodzart from New Zealand (http://www.artistnation.com/members/paris/rodzart/)

Mayet Ankh
11-19-2000, 05:26 AM
No the pencils were not used dry - After drawing the Emu I used a damp brush - just damp enough to move and brighten the pigment.