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10-24-2002, 07:43 AM
Good Morning All!!
Blueberry Bagels this am with Morning coffee:D
(No marmite I might add) LOL

Finally finished latest commission! *shwooooo*
There comes a point when you just have to scrap it and start anew. Once I did that I was able to complete the second one in no time at all!!! Yeah ME! Now I can start completing some of the projects Ive signed up for :D
So today I plan on starting a few new pics that I have burning in my ol'knoggin!!
I know there are several out there working away on Paintings, so lets see some more of those WIP's!!!

10-24-2002, 09:34 AM
Good morning Everyone. Off to run some errands today Sure wish there was an art store close by. I need a black and white pastel. Maggie my puppy ate my sliver of black I had left. grrrrr

Redsy checked out your site again. You sure can do a variety of things Wow. I'm impressed. How did you get started selling your work?

10-24-2002, 10:04 AM
Just finished my cereal...ready to tackle my work problems...and dream and think about my current works. I am doing two pictures at the same time. I have one....on a full sheet of Colorfix paper (black) of a landscape with grazing bison. I took some reference shots at an animal sanctuary run by the Wisconsin DNR at Babcock WI. Also....am finishing up a plein-aire about 75% done of the beautiful fall colors in the Northwoods....wish I could put these progress shots on line...sure would like some feedback. (I use the computer at my work)

Dreaming about painting.....but actually at work.


10-24-2002, 10:18 AM
Oh Thanks Luvy:D
I use to work in mixed media or pencil, only because I didnt feel adequate enough to finish a whole picture with one media. That was yrs ago when I was in school. Then when I started back in, I decided I had nothing to loose!:)
I started out just showing my work to a few friends here and there, and many would ask if I would do something for them. Take the tractor for example, I did that as a gift and they showed it to friends, from that spawned many requests. I have another thread somewhere on how I placed my figure drawings in an upperclass bar, that has sold many of my drawings.

The first portrait I did was on here!! I decided to give the project thread on Children a try and see what results I got.
Once I did that , I asked a friend if I could do a portrait of her child just to see how it would go...and she was so pleased she showed oodles of people and from her alone I recieved 13 commissions.
Alot of luck I'd say :D lol

I have had a few sales through the yrs random work I did just to cover my walls. I had a friend bring her date over one time and he fell in love with this watercolor I had done. He offered me 100$ on the spot. When I laughed and started to say it wasnt worth 10 dollars...he interrupted and threw down another 100$:eek:
So after I had a few stunned and not worthy stammers he asked if I minded selling it, when I said no...he said, "GOOD! Then we have a deal!"Sold it for 200$
See dumb luck!! LOL

The best advice I can give is basically put your work out, let it be seen by friends and family. Offer to do a freebie now and then and request that they show it off and give you free Publicity in return for your services.
Okay Im done babbling now!

10-24-2002, 10:30 AM
Redsy I've tried the giving away thing LOL Nothing yet Did a portrait of my friends hubby free. Did one of my allergist in pastels in return for hainging one of my oils in the office. I have a business card on the painting but nada. Grrrrrrr Doc asked if I had heard anything on the painting. I said not a thing. He was surprized cause he said people have asked him about it. Oh well So it goes Guess I'll be a real starving artist LOL

10-24-2002, 11:50 AM

It's only coffee and cereal for me today and back to an oil painting that I've decided is testing me.

Redsy, your ability to find commission work is impressive. I've not entered that world yet and am jealous. All that said it doesn't drum up business sitting in my closet.

Luvy, living in the city has it's disadvantages, like constant traffic noise, but it does offer art stores down the street. That's plural and I am spoiled and I know it.

Off to the easel. My words to share are that the Giants won the 4th game of the world series last night and San Francisco is in a good mood. It's easier to be a fair weather fan - you only have to pay attention 1 week a year.


Katherine J
10-24-2002, 01:31 PM
I'm with you, Barb, good on the Giants. As you say, it's only one week of foolishness a year. I never waste this much time in front of the TV! Looking forward to tonight.

And I can envy you, like Luvy probably would, for having art stores down the street. I have on very small one about 25 km away and the only really good ones are a ferry ride away. However, I can get them to send by mail, but it's not as much fun as browsing in the store.

Off to paint some apples in oil which are truly testing me as I'm new to oils.

10-24-2002, 11:00 PM
Hello all!! :D Just popped in for a quick hello and to catch up on all the posts. I am lurking everyday and reading posts when I can, just haven't had much time to post with the in-laws visiting.

We had a wonderful day. First the fabulous news on the east coast about the potential for an end to this awful sniper business.

We took off shortly before lunch and drove down to Monterey via Gilroy's super duper Garlic World Store where we bought all things garlic!! :D We lunched in Monterey and popped into a wonderful Ansel Adams gallery. Then we spent a couple of hours walking around Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Took a little driving tour of Pacific Grove.

Back home now and I'm in the middle of cooking dinner for the crew. Just taking a little break.

Everyone's new work here is looking fabulous. I'm hoping to pop in tomorrow and be able to do a bit of posting!

Night all...back to dinner fixings and watching the World Series! :D

10-24-2002, 11:18 PM
And what a world series it is.

Glad you are having a good visit despite this chilly weather.