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11-04-2000, 04:00 PM
When I work in colored pencil the first thing I do after blocking in my drawing is lightly block in my darks and lights. I use very light strokes to do this. Then I follow up with whatever the main color will be, covering over most of the light and dark, yet letting it show through.

I then go back in with my darks to shape the animal, and then the highlight colors again.

All in all, a small piece like the flamingo, might have 10-12 layers of pencil on it, and 10-15 colors. I alternate different shades of the same color.

When I have it the way I want, I then use the prismacolor clear blending pencils to pull the colors together a bit more.

Don't know if this helps you Animal. Maybe if I get a digital, I can post a lesson.

http://www.artdebut.com/arlene0.htm (http://www.artdebut.com/arlene.htm)

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11-04-2000, 09:32 PM
Thanks for The information, I`ll try to follow it and post it whnever I have to time to start and finish it.