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08-29-2010, 12:37 AM
Hi everyone, :wave:

Pam, poor Frank, the back problem sounds horrible. Men are such strange creatures aren't they? if they get a cold it's instantly "man flu" and they are all mopey and wanting TLC, give them an actual injury when they should rest, and they want to pretend it's nothing and hurt themselves!
I did enjoy the link to the dog hair sweaters, a couple were quite nice, but there were a few that just looked like the peeps had rolled around on the floor and got covered in dog hair :lol: Note to self, if I decide I want a dog for it's hair spinning potential I think a Samoyed would be the way to go!

Barrie, I bet the 'elf 'n safety chap was imagining all sorts of welding and cutting devices when he read the word "torch", expect it came as a surprise when he saw relatively dainty equipment.
It's a long while since I looked at the LE Forum, I hope you weren't involved in anything unpleasant, I remember thinking there were some strange ( not in a good way ) folks there, but that's a long time ago, so maybe it's different now.

Claire, you need to ask Mr Cameron for the job of "Health and Safety Czar", UK would save a fortune. No more pointless regs and endless mad lawsuits. Every workplace would be told to put up a big sign that said "Just Be Sensible" in large red letters and that's it. Done, Sorted.
Has Pam's link inspired you to start collecting Leon's hair? you must have lost the chance of a small scarf when he was clipped at the start of the Summer :lol:

Maggie, Good to see you posting here again. You sound very happy with the place you moved to, I bet it's nice to have your own place again, and the pool must be wonderful in the heat. Hugs for the task of sorting through the paperwork and things, I find it difficult even doing my own things that don't have much sentimental value, deciding what is "important"!

Andee, I'm guessing that beastly job is a thing of the past and that it's the start of a whole new and better thing this week! :clap: :clap: :clap: does that mean we get some more Andee pix? not that I'm hinting or anything :lol:

Hi Dawn, Gwen :wave:

DH and I went out to a furniture exhibition yesterday. Our bedframe and mattress is definately past it's sell by date! It's been disassembled and moved too many times and is showing it's age, one side fell off completely and the original fixings are damaged :lol: No point trying to bodge fix it and get new custom made mattresses ( they are an odd European size ) when that would cost a chunk of money that could go towards just getting a whole new one. We were there when doors opened and found something we liked. The frame has to be made to order so will take a while, but :crossfingers: will be nice. It's a mahogany sleigh bed. I thought about getting that style in London, but the room wasn't really big enough and I wanted something with sensible storage. The "plan" is for this piece to end up at the house in UK, where the bedroom is much larger. We were first customer at the place we ordered from and so we managed a good price, had to get mattress elsewhere, but at least we could walk from one stand to the other and try and ensure that they were both talking about the same size, I will worry until the 2 things are both here and fitted together, but there wasn't an option of one supplier.
Not sure what's on the agenda today. Have a good one everybody. Fiona

08-29-2010, 01:26 PM
Nice, Fiona! I have a black cherry sleigh - love it. I still have my older ikea light wood drawers and stuff though, it kind of drives me crazy because it doesn't match, but I can't talk Frugal Frank into replacing it yet (it needs to break first - which I may help along at some point ;)

Barrie, that's pretty funny, people must have all kinds of ideas about what we do. I remember being shocked - shocked! - that regular people could melt glass and make beads in their own garages. LOL

:wave: for now, not much going on here.... not yet anyway.

08-29-2010, 02:32 PM
Hi everyone!

Whew what a week! I can't remember when I posted last! We made it through RJ's 18th birthday. Crazy - I just can't believe I have a GROWN son. I still feel like a 20 year old. We took him to dinner and then he was off with friends. He used his birthday money to buy speakers for his car.

I made it through my new intermediate wire class yesterday. I was stressing over this class for a couple of weeks and didn't really advertise it because I was so nervous about whether it would be a good project so I only had one student. It seemed to be just challenging enough for her and she loved her bracelet so I consider it a success! Now to work on an advanced class. I'm thinking maybe a bangle.

I'm itching to make something so hopefully I can spend some time in my studio today. This will be a busy week since my boys will start school next Tuesday. Cody has a dr. appointment and we still have supply shopping to get done.

Fiona - how fun to go shop for new furniture! Sounds like you are settling back in nicely at home.

Pam - loved the new swirly bead you posted yesterday! I tried making beads last week and felt SO rusty plus my kiln made my studio like an oven. I found that Netflix has NipTuck available for streaming so I've decided to watch that since I'd never seen it. Love Julian Sands but boy that show looks to be bloody.

Well I'm off to clean up my studio. Hopefully something will spark me to start a project. I'm in a bangle/bracelet mood.

08-29-2010, 03:52 PM
Quick fly by :wave: from me - lots to do today, just gonna take it one step at a time. Hope everyone has a nice Sunday! :) Cheers

08-29-2010, 06:59 PM
Hi all
Just a quickie from me, I've been very busy today. Most of the morning I was making the masks, it is very slow going. Then this afternoon we went to the beach with two doodle friends and afterwards went to meet Olive, a 13 week old doodle puppy. She was gorgeous, and so happy playing with the big dogs. Then I had a rehearsal at 6.00, which dragged on for ages. So I am shattered and ready for bed. Leon had to come to rehearsal again but he was pretty tired so quite happy to lie around.

Will catch up tomorrow as I have a bank holiday.