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08-23-2010, 09:05 AM
Hi everyone. I'm back in Singapore. Journey over was OK. DH there to meet me at the airport which was nice. Things at home were OK, not great, but OK. No dead roaches, no piles of icky washing up. Laundy hamper full, but only with a weeks worth of clothes.... ironing also managable. Tidyness rathe B- grade tho!

Did a big of remedial stuff at the weekend, and thismorning. Had boobie exam thisafternoon, which was OK. Thursday is below the waist ladyparts exam, eeeeew, not what I wanted to come home and do, but it's that time.

Sorry not to chat, but it's late here and I need to find something to eat. Have a good one all Fiona

08-23-2010, 01:46 PM
Fiona, Those medical exams you came home to wouldn't make me jump up and down in excitement at being home. Do you wake up some mornings and wonder where you are with all the travels?

For I don't know how many years, no matter what time I went to bed or how hard I tried, I could not sleep past 7:00. I know this is truly home because I now sleep until 8:00/8:30 on a regular basis. That's from staying up until 12:00/1:00 so it's pretty much my eight hours of sleep. Weird, but nice. Need to start going to bed earlier because I miss being up early. Even weirder.

08-23-2010, 04:13 PM
Hi guys
Back to work today and somehow the rest of the day has run away from me. Will be working on the masks this evening, I've managed to find my stash of sequins so can get some of them sewn on too. I'm looking forwards to sitting and sewing, funny that, I did some last night and it was very soothing.

Fiona, hope you pass your girly bits exam with flying colours, I'm putting mine off until I'm a bit less busy. Sounds like your dh was coping pretty well for a man.

Maggie, what is it like being back in a place you lived in a long time ago? I can't imagine if it would feel like starting a new life or picking up an old one, and if the latter if it would be strange that the people were missing.

08-23-2010, 06:50 PM
Claire, Are the masks for a show? I have my sewing machine out and some bag projects I want to work on, but everything goes untouched. I also want to make a blanket out of old blue jeans. My sister has been picking up pairs for about a dollar a piece at thrift stores.

It's wonderful being back here. The other day I ran an errand and then just started driving. Drove through miles and miles of almond orchards, out to California's biggest river. Could never do that sort of thing in L.A. very easily because of the concrete and the traffic. My best friend, who was my college roommate, came to visit with two of her kids. We had the best time revisiting old places. One night we did an 11:00 donut run, like the old days, her 11 year old daughter was thrilled and her 17 year old son looked like he couldn't figure out where his mom went. Too bad she's nine hours away and can't visit more often. I do need to make a friend base of sorts at some point. There's a woman's club that boasts of being friends to the art that I might check out. There welcome new members is in Sept.

08-23-2010, 09:39 PM
:wave: quick fly by from me! Great to see you here Maggie! Fiona, glad to hear you got home safe and sound though the ladybit exams are probably not the best welcome home gift! Claire, yay for finding the sequins, and hope the mask comes together easily! :) :wave: to everyone else! I'm working on bead show classes so a bit scattered right now. Back soon in proper form! Cheers!