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08-16-2010, 06:08 PM
Good afternoon all!! It's another hot day here - sorry Pam, I know you like the warmer weather and all, but I hate it!! Fortunately I don't have to go out in it for another 2 hours (at which point it will be even hotter - ugh!), but the forecast is for cooler weather later this week (fingers crossed). I had to put the 'Mom of the Year' award back on the mantle last night - Cody called in a panic. He was going to have to take the bus/skytrain/bus again all the way home from the convention on his own. I asked why and he said because the one guy (who I gave a ride to on Friday, mind you) got his dad to pick him and some of the other guys up, sorry, no room for Cody. WTF?? I was choked, needless to say!! Cody was in a state because he doesn't have a cell phone and was terribly worried that he wouldn't be able to call me along the way so I could meet him at the half way point. Thankfully after a few tense moments, the one friend (the one I really like, btw!) offered to right the transit back with Cody and fortunately that friend had a cell phone. So I got the call at 5:30 to head out to meet them. The round trip that time was only an hour and 15 minutes so I didn't even manage to complain! But the kid had an awesome time at his convention (way too geeky for me, I must say!), and is looking forward to next year. Hopefully he'll have his driver's license by then and I won't have to drive anyone any where!! I did tell Cody that the next time those friends want a ride somewhere with Cody, they get to walk - totally rude if you ask me!! Other than that, nothing exciting happening here at all. It's hot so not much is getting done by anyone, I think. Poor dh had to go to work though - fiberglassing in this heat cannot be a good time!! Hope he's not too grumpy when he gets home from work!
Hope you all are having a lovely day!! I know, it's Monday, but it could be worse! :) Andee, is this your last week?? (fingers crossed!) :grouphug:

08-16-2010, 08:14 PM
Hi guys
Quick fly past from me, it is already late and past my bedtime. I've had a good day and am really happy. Work went well, acupuncture was very effective, I don't have to go back for five weeks and feel it is almost back to normal. This evening we ate late and spent a long while talking then I got the skull for Hamlet painted up so that is one tick on the list. I also managed to find our old mobile sim for Tim to use when he goes to London so it isn't too expensive for him.

Barrie, poor Cody, those guys aren't what I would call friends! Glad he had a good time anyway. Was the one who rode back with him the same one you helped with a costume?

Sorry not to catch up all round, I'll do better soon when life is back to normal.

08-16-2010, 09:34 PM
It's so nice to hear you so happy Claire!! Yay! Glad your injury is finally getting back to normal!! Double yay! And one thing ticked off the list, plus good company, no wonder you're so happy! It wasn't the kid with the costume that rode back with him - it's actually one of his better friends that we've given rides home to occasionally. He didn't realize Cody was going to be on his own on transit but as soon as he found that out, he volunteered. I'm still mad at the others - definitely not real friend material!!

It's too hot here - makes it hard to do anything! lol Back to trying to cool off with me!! Cheers!

08-17-2010, 01:32 AM
Barrie! those are some sucky friends!!! Poor Cody. I'm glad it all worked out. And yeah, the sunshine is AMAZING!!! LOL (it is a little hot, I admit, but it wouldn't be bad if it had been like this all summer and we were adjusted to it!)

Claire, you sound good - happy is good! and 5 weeks out for your appt is good too!

Not much here. I'm so grouchy I can't stand myself and I have no real reason to be -I think I'm just depressed about not knowing what is happening this fall for school. I hate feeling like I'm out of control of my own life. Blah.