View Full Version : Need some help in generating ideas....

10-14-2002, 12:25 PM
Since this is everyone's forum...I'd love to hear ideas regarding things you'd like to see implemented here.

For instance, I got a PM from Slowdown this morning about a thread that they do daily in the Watercolor forum called the Daily Wash. It's a daily thread, that anyone can start, and it's just a place to say howdy that day and chit chat about anything you'd like to. Slowdown suggested we call our thread the Daily Scumble and I think that's a fabulous idea. I'll start the first one and let's see how it works out! Remember....first one in for the day....since we're all on different time zones....can start the thread. Just name the thread:

Daily Scumble - Oct. 14, 2002 (obviously, insert the current date :D)

Over in the glass forum they are working on setting up a process to do artist interviews for articles. I'm watching their progress and hope to institute something similar in the Pastel forum as well.

Some other things that come to mind:

Some type of monthly contest (aside from ongoing projects)...maybe I can get some of the bigger art supply places to "sponser" us and provide a little gift for the winner? I've never tried working with sponsers so it would be interesting to see if I could get anyone to work with us.

Ongoing monthly chat events where we do live presentations in the chat room on specific techniques and/or painting demos.

So....what other ideas do you all have? I'd love to hear about them! :D