View Full Version : Printer for Mac Best for under 400$ ????

10-12-2002, 05:41 PM
The epson finally died after abuse with coins falling into it......
I usually research the purchase of a candy bar,but everyone seems to have
more knowledge here since you are real users .any Canon bad experience with seperate color cartidges ? Need a printer that loads heavy gloss paper the goal is 8 by 10 s for under 1$ each speed not important, need a working tool with available carts .......have heard canon has bad rep about ink carts but everyone has different experiences .I am open to any brand name. thank you very much...........

10-13-2002, 09:58 AM
You can get a decent HP for $3-4 hundred. I love my HP 952c, on my PC-- How they work with Macs, though is the question. I hear some work really good, and others have real crappy drivers for Macs.
Epson has a good record on Macs. They have a new one (model 820, I believe) that's a nice quality, and under $400. I've always found epsons to be noisy, even the higher end models, but they are good printers.

10-13-2002, 01:59 PM
personally I love my canon s900. I want the 9000, but I don't have room for it in my steamer trunk o' art stuff. The s900 is running under $300 now, and is awesome. The s9000 is the exact same printer, but can print on larger paper, up to 13"x19", but costs $499.

Here are a few links for you, to give you the details of the printer that I am now so enamoured of. :)

s-900: http://consumer.usa.canon.com/printers/s900/index.html

s-9000 http://consumer.usa.canon.com/printers/s9000/index.html

I've also never had a problem with the ink, but it's also a fairly new printer for me. (bought in May) There are 6 ink tanks: black, cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, and yellow. Each tank runs up to $12 for replacement, and I use Kodak premium photo paper for printing. As of yet, I've never had a problem and I love this printer.