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08-12-2010, 04:10 AM
Hi everyone :wave: I have been MIA for a few days. Went to visit a friend who lives down by the coast. A good buddy from Singapore who came home a bit more than a year ago. Had a lovely time chatting and catching up, even though we have stayed in contact since she left, it's nice to see someone IRL.

The little teething probs at the house in Bath seem to have been resolved. No idea what caused the Aga to go out, but the engineer re-lit it apparently, so probably just a little air in the gas line or something. The hob was because they were using the wrong sort of pans. The induction ones are not suitable for all sorts of cookware, and that was why it seemed to have an intermittent fault, but was actually fine.

I left an absentee bid on something that was being auctioned while I was away visiting my friend and they called me Tuesday and said I got it. I had to go and collect yesterday. It's a cast iron umbrella/ stick stand. I liked the design as it will match the lantern I have in the hallway in London. When I checked online I found one exactly the same in an architectural salvage place that was very expensive, so even though it had a low estimate at auction I left a rather hefty bid as I thought someone else might have spotted it. It was from a rather well known early foundry which is a little more collectable than just a regular old item.

The one that had already been restored they had obviously stripped and resprayed with a thick black gloss paint, but that spoils a lot of the fine casting. So I am polishing mine with the black lead that you use for cast iron grates. It is filthy stuff, but makes a much nicer patina on the iron, and keeps all the detail crisp. The date on the bottom says 1843, but my guess is that that's when the design was first made, the other is listed as being 1880, so my guess is it's at least 100 years old.DH has a beautiful old walking stick with an elephant on the handle and so we needed somewhere for that to live. Pix when the polishing is done.

Andee, hugs, not long now till horrible job gone.

Barrie, glad the fishtank incident was quickly resolved.

Have a good one all, Fiona

08-12-2010, 01:29 PM
Hi all! :)

Happy Thursday! Today is my daughter's 22nd bday!!!! My how time flies!! Take time to smell the roses, hug a friend, savor a good meal......

just enjoy life!

08-12-2010, 02:25 PM
:wave: hi Janice!! Funny finding you here! :) Congrats on your dd's 22nd bd!!

Fiona, sounds like quite the score on the umbrella stand! Sounds wonderful! Glad the teething probs were quick/easy fixes! Whew! Not long til you head back to Singapore, I'm guessing?

:wave: to all today. Not much exciting today compared to yesterday's fish tank excitement (thankfully!). I'm a little tired, but not too bad. I have to take Cody to town today, I'm thinking probably a 4 hour round trip. Blech!!! But I promised, so I have to suck it up! Good thing he's paying for the gas! :) Anyway, hope you all have a great day! Cheers!

08-12-2010, 02:48 PM
Hi peeps :)

Fiona, that sounds like a great find - can't wait to see pictures of it! Your tenants must be feeling kinda dumb about the hob. I bet they have to go get new pots and pans now.

Welcome back Janice! Nice to see you here and Happy B-day to your DD!

Claire, you sound WAY too busy. I hope things calm down soon.

Barrie, phew, that sounded like a big mess.

I'm feeling a little better today, so I'm going to go try out some new glass. nothing very exciting just a new ivory.

oh, and don't forget, meteor shower tonight if you can stay up to see it (and the clouds are participating)

08-12-2010, 04:02 PM
Just dropping in with the pix. It isn't in it's final place yet because I havn't finished the vacuuming, but all the polishing work is done. The main part was dusty with slight surface damage, the drip tray was definately rusty in places but not badly damaged and responded well to a good wire brush. I can understand why the salvage places sand blast or chemical strip and spray with paint though, the polish is messy evil stuff eeeeew. Fiona


08-12-2010, 04:11 PM
Hi everyone!

We got home yesterday and I'm back at work today. It's very slow here today though :rolleyes: . We had a very nice vacation but I was happy to be back home again. I haven't had a chance to go back and catch up on all that happened while I was away so I'll just start from today.

Fiona - I don't really understand the words but I think I vaguely understand what happened! Can't wait to see the umbrella stand!

Janice - great to see you back here! Happy B-day to your daughter. It does fly by, my oldest will be 18 in a couple of weeks.

Barrie - uh oh I will have to go back and see what happened with the fish tank. Hope it's not to hot for you out and about today. It's pretty nice here but then again I'm used to the 100 degree temps of S Texas.

Pam - it feels like ages since I've melted glass. I really have to get back to it because I had some requests when I was back home. Glad you're feeling better though I'll have to read back to see what was going on. What's the news on Luke's schooling? We don't start until after labor day so we still have a few weeks.

Well I better get back to work. We have an office party tomorrow afternoon for 28 ladies and I have to make the kits for their bracelets this afternoon. Have a good day!

08-12-2010, 08:08 PM
Hi guys, just a quick hello as it has been a busy day, we went to the cinema (unplanned) to see Inception and then I cooked dinner when we got back. Now gone midnight and I am shattered! Speak to you tomorrow.