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08-06-2010, 04:03 PM
Happy Friday everyone!

Claire, glad to hear work is settling down a bit. Sounds like your house guest isn't too bad at all. Whew!! I'm the same way with shopping, I should never go with the intention to buy a specific thing because I always come back with everything but! As for the poster, that's my job again - I just started putting it together this week. I promised myself I wouldn't whinge about it this time though! lol

Pam, hope you're feeling better today! All ready for the book club?

Andee, the days are counting down!! Hang in there!

Well nothing exciting here today (a welcome feeling, I assure you!). There are wildfires burning all over our province, many many miles from me, but the winds have shifted and the entire valley (and it's a HUGE valley!) is enshrouded with smoke. Last night my eyes started watering and scratching, got all puffy and sore. I'm assuming it was from the smoke, but man oh man was it aggravating!! I could hardly see! This morning my eyes are all puffy, sore and bloodshot - looks like I've been crying for a week straight! THANK GOODNESS the wedding was last week!! OMG Couldn't even imagine allowing one picture with my eyes like this!! Speaking of pictures, I'm still waiting (not so patiently!) for the photographer's pics. Hopefully this weekend! Anyway, I just remembered I have a project to work on for dh (modifying a picture into a tattoo design for one of the guys he works with), so I best get to it. Hope you all have a great day!! :grouphug:

08-07-2010, 04:13 AM
15 more days!

Hi Barrie! Even tho it's Saturday here already I can't stand you being so lonely in this thread... Hope your eyes feel better after a night of rest, and hope those fires can be get under control!

Hi all!

Not sure I'll be back later, I'm tired and headachy and still exhausted from a week of training my replacement and getting angry about and fed up with my current boss. I'm SO glad I won't have to stand him for much longer. He's a nice guy and all, but not cut out for this job. Not at all.

3 more weeks of the above, and then I will crash I guess. Hope I can get back enough energy to start the new job, else I'll start by being and staying lost. :(

08-07-2010, 05:50 AM
It's Saturday here too, but I never got to post yesterday so am popping by now and will do a proper Saturday post later. Friday was just totally busy, work, then getting ready for the AGM, cooking dinner, going to the meeting then chatting and not getting home till 10.30 when I finally got something to eat. Then we sat around chatting again and didn't go to bed till late. So nothing achieved, but a nice day and all went well at the meeting. The girl who has been causing a few problems in the drama group (married our lighting technician then started carrying on with one (or more) of the actors and finally moved out after her husband saying no he was not going to keep her while she was going out to meet this other guy) has comfortably been ousted and we have a nice new committee so I'm hoping it will go well.

I'll do proper commenting and posting and some holiday pics on the Saturday thread.