View Full Version : WIA Thurs Aug 5/10

08-05-2010, 12:48 PM
Good morning! Just starting us off!

Claire, thank goodness your house guest seems nice! Should make it a little easier to share space! Too funny about the shopping - isn't that the way it always goes though? The fall bead show is Oct 22-24, so it's creeping up fast!

Pam, how's Luke feeling? Hope you didn't come down with it too!!

:wave: to all today! Not much going on here, I'm heading to the studio soon. I think I'll bring my laptop so I can watch movies - this no cable thing is making me NUTS!!! I should be enjoying the silence, but it just makes me antsy!! Hope you all have a great day - not long til the weekend now! Cheers!

08-05-2010, 02:06 PM
hi peeps.

yep, I'm feeling pukey too, shaky and weak and not happy. But I'm pulling through, I will not be tossing my cookies if I can help it ;) Luke is better but draggy. he's missing skate camp but may go to tennis.

the laptop idea is good Barrie - I usually just have the radio on.

Claire, I still don't know. waiting for the school to call and tell us that Luke got in... may not know until the first or second week of september. in the meantime, I'm planning on taking my homeschool parent class as scheduled... but I'm not buying homeschool books until after that because I'm really hoping he gets into the regular school.

I have book club ladies coming tomorrow night. I need to find a recipe for homemade margartias... as I'm not serving the kind with corn syrup in it. and I should clean the house but I don't have it in me... yet.


08-05-2010, 02:33 PM
Hi Barrie, hugs Pam, hi all - too tired for words, 8 hours of explaining doesn't leave you with much energy. Feel better soon, Pam!


08-05-2010, 06:19 PM
Hi guys
Work is starting to calm down at last, the big bosses will be away for the next three weeks so it should be a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. I've managed to get my accounts finished for the Players' AGM tomorrow night, just need to print them out.

Our guest decided to spend the day cycling so we didn't see him until about 5.00. I'm finding it hard to be organised about cooking since I usually decide last minute what to make based on what I find in the fridge - can't really do that with visitors. Never mind, I'm sure it will be good for me, and he actually liked the lamb dish I cooked tonight.

Barrie, it won't be long before you have to get the bead show posters done yet again, or is your assistant doing that job? I'm very bad at shopping for particular things so I tend to get whatever catches my eye and hope I have enough stuff to fit together - probably why I end up with a ragbag look.

Pam, hope you don't get too sick. What sort of skating is Luke doing? I used to love roller skating, never got on so well on ice. Hope the bookclub goes well, I can't help with margaritas as I've never even tried one.

Andee, teaching someone else is a very good test of how well you know something. How long are yu doing the training for?