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10-02-2002, 10:41 PM
please delete!

10-03-2002, 06:58 PM
what the hey, I came to help!

10-03-2002, 07:01 PM
Ok hang on and let me shrink the latest and put it here. The prob is the right arm facing the pic seems to be out of sorts. The shot is a side view of a 7 year old. Doing this as a gift and I just think the entire thing is a mess! ** don't pay any attention to the eyes and such. I only put those there for placement when I do the skin.

10-03-2002, 07:03 PM
Ok here is the mess

10-03-2002, 07:45 PM
Hi cc, how about this?

10-03-2002, 07:50 PM
Wow yes!!! I see my problem now. Had her looking too much like a box! Man I deal with too many computers! Everything is square or rectangle...Thanks a bunch!!! Gonna try the rework right now.:D :cat: :clap: :clap:

10-03-2002, 08:42 PM
Ok things are looking up. Reworking the sketch. Thanks Tino!!!!:D :D :cat:

10-05-2002, 02:59 PM

10-06-2002, 05:03 AM

Sorry! HI cc, missed you! show me the rework.

10-06-2002, 08:15 AM
woof! Ok I almost have the base sketch reworked. I started on it around 4am this morning. Stuck in "nightmare on coding street" these days which leaves little time to work on the art. Hence the grrrr! Why did I start my own business, why.....Ok no sleep and I am a little silly! Will get the update up within the hour. Thanks Tino!!!!!

10-06-2002, 08:51 AM
Ok here it is. I still have a few issues on the arms but I will get those when I sketch the color in. Just getting started on her hair. Thanks Tino!!!! Anyone have any suggestions please pass them on! I am working on 1/2 a brain cell, no sleep, and lots of coffee and Mt Dew...:D :rolleyes: :cat: :clap:

10-06-2002, 10:27 AM
:D :clap: ;)
YEAH! CC takes a break from "nitemare on coding street"!!!!
So nice to see you doing some art! This is an excellent start! Can't wait to see how you progress!
p.s.: maybe I should send you my "sleep monster" instead of my "sleep fairy"....he'll knock you right out!;) :D

10-06-2002, 02:10 PM
Ok ignore the face right now. I always get a base skin tone before I tackle the eyes and such. Here is what I have so far. :confused:

10-06-2002, 05:35 PM
Unless I was tracing it, I wouldn't even have attempted this one.

Keep going! It's looking GOOD!!!
:) :D :clap:

10-06-2002, 06:45 PM
Thanks! This one is really hard for me. I haven't sketched in months since I do web design/graphic design for myself and that tends to take most of my time. I see all kinds of mistakes but I am not giving up! Besides this is a gift for a family member. I also have one of my parents that I have half way done. When I get some more progress on that one I will post for HELP also!

10-07-2002, 07:09 PM
Greg, thanks for the info you sent me! I think I am gonna trash this one. I will use the info for my next adventure....

10-08-2002, 10:10 PM
I see a good progress here...!;)

10-09-2002, 03:10 AM
Thanks but I trashed this one yesterday. Oh well on to webbie world...It is all explained in the "abandon art thread". I really appreciate your support for my work! I am gonna stick to web design and graphic art.