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07-28-2010, 12:09 PM
22 more workdays.

Hi all - just starting you off...


07-28-2010, 01:52 PM
:wave: Andee!! 22 and counting!! :)

:wave: lawnjockey! Nice to find a 'neighbor' here!! I haven't been into Bigfoot Moccasin - they've inquired into the bead show but never participated. I don't get around to all the shops these days. Most people are surprised to find out the organizer of the show doesn't use beads in her work! lol Good luck with the job hunt - my oldest son was looking for a job last winter - pretty tough to find, but he managed to find something. Hope you do too!!

Well, we're getting down to the wire with the wedding details. I didn't get to town yesterday, so I'm heading there today. Must get that last piece of satin! Plus a few other odds and ends. Claire stopped by last night after she'd had a looooong talk with Cecili. Cec agreed to try to make the best of the wedding and not cause a scene. She was afraid no one wanted her there - which I can totally see, but I think Claire handled it well, assured her that she was just as much a friend as she'd always been. The bridesmaids and Freya are going to sleep over at Claire's parents' place on Friday night (it's right next door to the wedding ceremony site - the neighbors back yard! lol Claire LOVES their yard and they're like family so they said yes when she asked if she could have her wedding there!). lol I will be SO glad to have the drama over and done with!! Oh, I booked a hair & makeup appointment for Saturday morning for myself. I hadn't decided until now, but figured what the heck - I'm worth the splurge! lol Oh, one bit of sad news (the drama never ends, I tell you!), the oldest son called last night, it seems that even though his wife is pregnant, it's non-viable (as in not alive?) and she's going to miscarry soon. She's an emotional mess of course, and he doesn't know how to handle her when she gets like that - and I told him to just be patient and be there for her, it's all he can do. Poor kids. But they're young and healthy, I'm sure they'll try again soon.

Anyway, enough of a novel from me!! I best get cracking so I'm ready to head to town when my friend gets here. Have a great day!! Hope life is a little less dramatic!! :) Cheers!

07-28-2010, 02:45 PM
Hi Andee, Barrie and Lawn Jockey :wave: Yes it's quiet here these days, but I'm sure everyone is super busy with it being Summer hols.

Andee, :clap: for one more day over.

Barrie, sorry to hear the breakup news and also about the pregnancy, will they just let nature take it's course or will they have to do any sort of a procedure? not nice for the poor girl either way, on top of the emotional trauma. Good luck for the last of the wedding preparations, they are always drama!

Lawn Jockey :wave: and welcome.

I have been scurrying around getting last things squared away at the house. Plan is that I leave after the aga has been serviced tomorrow afternoon. They asked for a shower curtain for the bathroom at the top of the house and so I have bought a fitting and arranged for my builder to do it, but it will have to be after I have gone. Other than that it's read the meters tomorrow and sign a few things and go back to London.
Have a good one all. Fiona