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07-13-2010, 12:49 PM
Hi everyone :wave: ,

Barrie, you must be a lot more patient than me, I don't think I could cope with a 7 y/o who chatters all the time. Particularly not first thing in the am! OMG that is so funny about the chickens. I would have been tempted to give away all the "spares" to other people that bid just to not have to deal with them. Bet you ate a lot of omelettes. I really really hate auctions, they do carpets all the time in Singapore but I always get DH to bid. Only had to do it once when he was on biz. This was waaaay more scary as they go so quickly. But it was either do it or lose it, so had to be done. I have a strict rule about not doing things just because I am being pathetic. Fine if there are sensible reasons, but to give up on something you want just because its outside comfort zone not allowed. I suppose I am lucky that DH is always supportive of an adventure. If I had gone and bid too much or got it home and found it couldn't be made to look nice he would have been "well, at least you tried". If I had whined that I was too scared to go and bid he would have been disappointed with me.

Claire, your treatment seems to be doing some good which is great news. How long till your holidays? I'm assuming that the Le Chiendepuddle is going too? He will love it. Your spare room must be looking quite transformed now with all the work you have done. I hope he is an easy houseguest and appreciative.

Dawn, YAY weekend. How nice that your DH had an attack of the domestics. I am sure mine will be looking forward to not having to do those duties once I get back. He will run about with the vacuum cleaner right before I get there, the dust bunnies are probably life size at the mo.

Pam, how infuriating about the pool. Will you have to empty and start again or did the pool peeps give you an action plan to get it balanced? I am sooo not a pool person, it's always feels like getting into a cold bath eeeeeew, and I hate the cold. It's been a lovely few days here and they were issuing dire warnings on the radio about it being "unpleasantly warm" overnight, I failed to be impressed as it was colder than we aircon our bedroom to.

Andee, hope things are not too bad ((( Hugs )))

I got my new bed and bedside chests today :clap: . Very exciting, just waiting for some of the linens to come out of the laundry so I can get it all put together. No need for pointy stick, very nice chaps who had the thing assembled in about 3/ 4 an hour. Because it's a storage bed it is a bit complicated with drawers and runners, but it's all they do, so they were super fast. Fiona

07-13-2010, 01:26 PM
Hi Fiona, hi all.

Just dashing through - as usual... Even tho I'm not working overtime atm I'm completely exhausted and slowly getting back into a routine of going-to-bed-before-8... Sigh. And it's still too hot. And I'm dizzy. Etc etc etc...

I miss you all. Wish I could bring up the energy to make a REAL contribution again here.

33 more workdays 'til holidays.


07-13-2010, 02:06 PM
Congrats Fiona! Yay!! Yes, I may have to dump more water out and add more, but ug. I've put more than $300 in chemicals in it, hate to dump them on my lawn! I *knew* they were selling us too much stuff in the initial set up - the past two years chemicals were under $200 for the whole summer.

Andee, when's your weather supposed to cool down a bit? we are back to sun and 70's for at least a week, it's perfect, but a little too cool for the pool, so eh, I guess no rush trying to fix that. I missed my one hot week chance to spend time in it, because I'm like Fiona, won't get in if its too cold! Anyway, hugs, and I hope you catch up on sleep again soon.

:wave: to the rest of you, I'm off to vacuum. joy.

07-13-2010, 04:26 PM
Hi guys
I now have a fragrant dog with wavy fur that feels like plush velvet. He was very good at the groomers and the girl thought he was lovely. I'll try to post a pic later.

I'm feeling pretty good in myself, knee ached in the night but that was due to all the realignment I think. Still tired, late night and early morning on top of yesterday didn't help. I got the cupboard in the spare room put together and today I bought new bedlinen and rehung the curtains, so only a bit more woodwork to paint and it's done. The bathroom is still in need of finishing, David has got the door frame up but no door in it yet.

Pam, ouch, those chemicals are expensive, would it be awfully costly to get someone out to sort it?

Barrie, yay for loving the ring, I've never been a ring wearer but that will have to change, with the arthritis starting in my fingers (all except the ring one on the left hand) I am going to have to start wearing gold on them. I'm going to make gold lined silver rings as I prefer the look, plus it is a lot cheaper! Bummer about the phone, here's hoping that means you'll have to have the iphone.

Fiona, I've never even been to an auction, not a proper one. I'd be up for having a go if it was pretty low key, like you I don't let myself take cover, my mantra is "get out there and fail". Holiday starts on Friday, and of course Leon is coming too, I couldn't imagine two weeks without him. Hooray for the men coming on time and getting the bloke stuff finished.

Andee, hope you are sleeping OK, and that you get the coolness we are currently experiencing next. Make sure you don't dehydrate, the dizziness sounds worrying.

07-13-2010, 09:22 PM
Fiona! Hooray about the bed and side tables! That's fab the men were able to get it sorted so quickly! Yes, the chicken incident was quite funny! No omelets for me (I don't particularly like eggs! That's what made it even funnier!). Good for you for tackling the uncomfortable - I have to push myself sometimes, but I've gotten SO much better at it than years ago. I had a panic attack once when dh asked me to go next door to borrow a cup of sugar!! That was a VERY long time ago! Now I don't bat an eyelash at most things - I''m positively brave in comparison! lol

Claire, a shiny clean, fragrant poodle hound! What a treat! Won't last, but that's not the point! lol Hooray for getting the place ready for company - I would say though that a bathroom door is a bit important!! Silver & gold rings are SO popular for me these days - people like the contrast and like you said keeps the cost down a bit.

Pam, that is strange about the pool needing so much chemical. Any chance your test kit is off? Have you tried calling a different pool place? Maybe get someone else to test it with their kit? Just sounds odd is all!

Andee, ugh! Heat, tired and dizzy - not good!!!! Hope the heat breaks soon! Don't worry, we're here whenever you want/need/get a chance to stop by.

:wave: to all!! I went to the gallery today, dropped off the custom pieces and the new stuff I made. I couldn't take any more pictures as the batteries in my camera are dead. I so want a new camera - hate this one! :) It's a DSLR and I just don't do it justice. Ah well, could be worse I suppose!! I'm taking tonight off from the studio, will get back in there tomorrow. Must get that wedding jewelry done! :) Hope you all have a great evening!! Cheers!

07-13-2010, 11:22 PM
Hi everyone,

Fiona - sounds like everything is coming together :clap: !

Claire - how cute that Leon got a nice grooming. Was this for the sake of the company coming or just because? Have you found out anything for sure about your guest?

Andee - we miss you too! I wish there was something we could do to help your situation. I had to look up that temp the other day and translate it over to F and my jaw dropped! That's pretty darned hot!

Pam - I wonder if that cool front is going to hit us. It's been pretty nice today but I'm sure we were up in the 90s. Sorry the pool is being such a pain this year.

Barrie - I popped over to your blog to see your ring. Wow! I read that article in LJ and thought it would be a fun project!

Well I don't know what I'm going to do tonight. I have to work for the next 5 days so I might get a bag of projects together in case I have some free time at the store. I'm still on a big dry spell so I'm still browsing magazines and such for inspiration. Have a good evening everyone!