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07-11-2010, 05:37 AM
Hi everyone :wave: I have been missing from here all week, really busy with a "little" project that turned out not to be and has consumed and entire week.

Andee, I think you need to have a talk with your new boss if he thinks he is going to be delegating lots more things in your direction. Do you keep timesheets at all of how long jobs take? It might be helpful if you could demonstrate that there really isn't any wiggle room in your schedule for extra things, and that if he expects you to undertake new projects then some existing tasks have to be not done or given to another person. Lovely picture as always, found objects are so interesting.

Claire, I saw a doodle yesterday and thought of you! Luckily we were not in range of any ducks, squirrels or water so it was being perfectly well behaved.

Barrie, hope that hand gets better soon. How dreadful about the people not telling the bride about the change of venue. I am sure you will find something creative to do with it though, and really as long as they are happy and end up married it's not a big deal.

Hi to Pam, and Dawn as well. Havn't seen Maggie or Gwen here in a while hope they check in I keep forgetting to go and look them up on FB.

Time for me to start the day. I was supposed to be meeting a friend, but she had to cancel, has to do some work before a biz trip. A shame, but I have other tasks I can get on with. Have a good one all. Fiona

07-11-2010, 12:35 PM
Hi Fiona, hi all.

42°C. Am unable to think. All braincells fused into one big lump. Broke off that filling that replaced the broken off chunk of tooth. Not happy. Tummy cramps are returning. Sleepless night ahead. Hate that heat.


07-11-2010, 02:44 PM
Hi guys
Another day of decorating. We have heard from Tim and he is coming, he will meet David the day before he comes home and they'll travel back together. So we need to find somewhere for them to stay for the last night, no doubt that will be a job for me even though I am not involved, but I want to make sure Leon is OK so I will do it for him.

Back to work tomorrow and another trip to the acupuncturist, I'm doing pretty well so hope he can just get the final twinges sorted and I'll be good for the holiday. I've already started packing, got most of what I want to wear washed and ironed, just a few things I need to buy. Leon goes for a haircut on Tuesday, I'll have to get before and after pics. It's the first time we have had him clipped and I'm worried he'll look like a shorn lamb.

Fiona, how annoying that your project came to naught. Maggie is still trying to unpack in sweltering heat, her pool is calling her. Haven't heard from Gwen, hope she is OK.

Andee, bummer about the tooth, mine are always doing that. Those temps are just appalling, much higher than ours, but we are only a few miles from the coast which always cools it down.

Hope everyone is having a good day, time I got back to wielding the paintbrushes.

07-11-2010, 03:41 PM
LOL Claire, the "not to be" referred to the "little" aspect of the project, it didn't go away, it expanded. I bought an oak window seat at auction last Monday. I knew it had "issues", there was a big split in one end and lots of water marks. However it was exactly the right size, and style for the window recess in the bedroom in London. I hate auctions, but having looked online I realised it was not going to be easy to find something as good, so I made myself go and bid! Had to bring it home in a taxi, quite funny sitting on it on the pavement waiting for one.

I thought mending the crack would be difficult and take time, but it wasn't too bad. Stripping it and refinishing took ages though. I still need some felt pads for the feet, but other than that and maybe another visit with a soft cloth it;s signed off as done. Have to wait till the chap fixes the pelmet for the curtains before I put it in place though.


Andee, that is too hot even for me. Hope it at least cools down overnight and you can get some rest. ((( Hugs )))

07-11-2010, 04:37 PM
hi guys :)

Fighting a headache and recovering from yesterday's poop-hunting trip, watching the world cup final and later on we have a sounders game to go to. The pool is still "off" - added more chemicals but am feeling rather discouraged - it's never been this hard to get right before.

Fiona, that looks great - good job!

Andee, I want to just go there and rescue you and take you home with me. You so need a string of good luck for a change. (((hugs))))

Claire, I'm so glad the acupuncture is working so well and quickly - now where are you heading this time, France again?

07-12-2010, 12:47 AM
Pam, I'm with you, wish we could go rescue Andee!! What the heck is going on with the pool water? That's weird. Maybe suffer through 1/4 drain and refill? We do that with aquariums when they won't balance with chemicals! Hope the game is a good one!

Fiona, that window seat is gorgeous! Definitely worth the effort - or at least you'll think that way once it's all in place.

Claire, glad the acupuncture is helping. This is a good thing! Yes please to the before and after pics of Leon! Hope he looks more like a handsome dog than a fluffy lamb! :) Where are you heading off to this time?

Andee, OMG I can't even imagine those temps!! I was whining at 33!!! You have my utmost sympathy (not that it helps a lick). Hope the weather breaks soon - you sooooo need a break!!

:wave: to all today. I'm having a Freya day - we decided to have her spend the night. I forgot how she NEVER stops talking! LOL good thing she's cute! :) I have a couple of pieces to photo tomorrow and show you guys - but will have to wait til I get rid of the kid! :) Hope you all have a great evening!! Cheers!