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07-10-2010, 02:30 PM
Hi all.

I know I promised to try and catch up today, but it's way too hot for me to think. 39°C. I'm melting!! Could somebody please send some rainclouds our way?
Plus I still have a hard time, tummy-wise, it's driving me crazy... All due to the immense workload, no doubt - it's no wonder I'm beginning to break.

My new boss? He's kinda cute, but I don't think I will be getting along with him very well. He seems to be the kind of guy that knows how to optimize his own workload by heavily delegating tasks to his employees. Like there's any room for more tasks on my desk... :wink2:

So, since this will be all you get to see from me today, here's a pic of the drawer front I picked up at the beach:


07-10-2010, 03:06 PM
Great patina on the hardware Andee!! i always love your pics!! That so sucks about the job though. Sending you rain vibes like crazy!! Hope it cools off for you - here I was, whining about 33, no way I'd survive 39?!?!? Especially if I had to go anywhere or do anything! Good grief, that's inhuman!! Hope the heatwave breaks soon!!

:wave: to all!! I'm heading down to the studio shortly - my left hand is killing me today for some reason - the first two fingers especially. Wonder what I did to them yesterday? Oh well, I'll ice them later - but that frustrating ring is calling me! Must get that finished! And get the wedding jewelry out of the way - I have sewing in my future all week!! Oh, I got a frantic message from the bride yesterday - the caterers have changed the venue! It was supposed to be at a local golf course, lovely room, big windows, etc. Turns out the damage from the fire they had months ago still isn't fixed, so the caterers (who are actually the golf course restaurant people) booked another hall - it's sooooo ugly!! OMG! Poor Claire!! The only way she found out was that she was dropping her sister off nearby and looked at the venue, noticing it didn't look ready at all so called them. I wonder how long they'd have let it go before telling her?!?!?!? Yeesh!! If it were up to me, heads would be rolling! She & her mom are WAY too nice!! Kevin is happy because now they can have the open bar, provide their own booze and go til whatever time they want to. So I'm going to see what I can find to disguise the ugly wood walls - the rental company must have something that will do!! Anyway, hope you all have a great day! It's cooler a bit here, so I'm happy! Cheers!

07-10-2010, 07:22 PM
Hi all,
Another scorching day here too, we had an early doodle meet up at the coast, Leon had a wonderful time and has been asleep most of the day since. Only one alarm when he went off after ducks, we managed to get him back reasonably soon though.

Some progress on the decorating, the door frame is mostly up, half the paintwork done and the bathroom walls touched up as needed. I think we will get the minimum completed which is all I can hope for now. Still no email from Tim!

Pam, how can the PH be good if the alkali is too high, surely the ph is the balance between acid and alkali? Not that I know anything about pools, just ignore me. Hope you get it sorted soon whatever.

Barrie, shame about the amethyst, hope the rest of the salvage goes OK. Poor Claire, what a dreaful way to treat a customer. I hope you come up with a good solution, you can get some striking balloon displays which may distract from the dismal surroundings and the kids would love them.

Dawn, how unpleasant of your step family, try to just ignore it, at least it will save you the cost of attending.

Andee, that is amazing, no wonder you had to have it. Shame about the new boss, perhaps he will respond to a request for help, men often like that. Hope you feel better soon, you do need to reduce the stress in your life somehow.