View Full Version : WIA TGIF July 9, 2010

07-09-2010, 11:30 AM
Good morning Wearables!

I'm getting ready to go to work. Pam I hope the PH is better today!

07-09-2010, 01:55 PM
Good morning!
Dawn, hope work is a breeze for you today! :)

Pam, did you get that pesky ph problem figured out? Dh is always fussing about the ph in the fish tanks, and I use ph down in the studio for pickle [ who knew to little letters like p & h could make such a difference in people's lives! LOL

Claire, hooray that David is finally giving you a hand!! The grout touch up sounds like a big job to me!! Wow! I always figure if anyone is looking that closely at the grout, then I need to be offering stronger beverages or something! LOL

:wave: to all! Hope everyone is having a good Friday. I was going to head into town today, but it's WAY too hot to go that far in a car with no A/C!! I HATE getting too hot - makes me feel so incredibly nauseous, and takes hours to recuperate from!! So seeing as it's not vital that I go, I'm putting it off until next week when it's going to be a bit cooler. Which gives me the time to finish a few more projects. I'm highly annoyed with myself this morning - I screwed up the bezel on a ring I was working on and have to unset the opal and amethyst that I've set so I can fix it. Sheesh!! Hope I don't screw up the opal, it's a really nice one. The ring's for me, so no deadline or rush, but I couldn't wait to get it done, and got a little carried away with the last setting on the ring. Argh!! But onward and upward!! I'm heading back down there in a little while - just needed to grab some breakfast. Hope you're all having a great Friday!! Cheers!

07-09-2010, 06:14 PM
Hi all, just got back from rehearsal, we spent ages doing one tiny scene. Doesn't bother me as I don't have much to rehearse anyway, just seemed like a long evening.

I've worked out that we can have the few days away in September that I was hoping for, it fits in with the various rehearsals for Billy Liar. Now have to get my boss to agree, I'm sure he will be OK with it. It coincides with the Journees du Patrimoine, a kind of heritage weekend when a lot of events are on and places open to the public.

A busy weekend ahead, lots to do on the house and holiday preparations. We still haven't heard from Tim whether he is actually coming to stay or not, I'm getting fed up with this already, he seems a bit inconsiderate. I'm just going to carry on regardless, I'll get our stuff done and as much decorating stuff as I can comfortably manage and that will be that.

Pam, I hope you can use your pool soon, it's good to make the most of the summer.

Dawn, hope work is OK, how soon is the move happening?

Barrie, it is so annoying when things go wrong like that, hope it is easy to sort out. I love opals, they have got very expensive now and I wish I'd bought more a few years ago.

Hope everyone is heading for a good weekend.

07-09-2010, 06:57 PM
hi guys! still working on the dratted pool problem. dpp for short. PH is good but now the alkaline is too high and clorine is too low. sigh.

Barrie, I know, it's just extra hard because it was almost freezing 5 days ago and now it's almost a 100. Shocking to the system.

OH Claire, if you did all that work for nothing?! LOL you'll just have to invite someone else over instead if he doesn't show.

Heya Dawn, how's summer treating you guys?

Barrie, how nice you are making yourself something for a change - are they all your kid's birthstones or just favorite combo?

07-09-2010, 09:24 PM
I'm meeeelllttttiiinnnggg!! lol I want the rain back (I'm being a wimp today - I had to venture out of the house and now I'm whiny! lol).

Claire, how frustrating and inconsiderate of the potential house pest (I mean guest)! Hopefully he's not as rude in person if he ends up coming! On a plus note, the tidying got done - that should qualify you for some retail therapy of some sort! :)

Pam, did you get the water figured out? Or did you just go swimming anyway? I totally screwed up the amethyst taking it out of the setting (good thing I have another one!) and only slightly screwed up the opal (I can still use it - the bezel will hide any imperfections and it's for me so doesn't matter anyway!). No, not birthstones, they just look really good together. So I took it all apart and am rebuilding. Painful but necessary!

:wave: to all - I'm too hot, and totally bit#hy!! Can't stand myself!! lol Think I better go hide in the basement til the grump wears off! :) Have a good evening all! :)

07-09-2010, 11:07 PM
Hi guys!

Barrie - I'm sitting here wondering how on earth you "un"-set a stone! One of those great metalsmithing mysteries I think! I've got to sit down and practice bezels. I'm thinking of just some plain bezel setting with big cabs and simple ring bands just for practice. I think I always get ahead of my skills.

Claire - we're waiting to hear back on the final plans for the move but it has to be done in August as my boss is heading out for traveling this winter. That is quite inconsiderate of the guest not to get back to you with his plans! I think I would be putting pressure on hubby to get a solid answer. Pull out that pointy stick!

Pam - what a pain! I take it a/c is not common in your neck of the woods? My old apartment didn't have it but our house does. Your weather sounds a lot like ours this year. Rain and cold and then sun and HOT! Our summer is trucking along. I took the boys to see Iron Man 2 at the $2 theater a couple days ago. It only cost me $30 at the snack bar!

So did I tell you guys that I READ on Facebook that my younger (half) sister is engaged? Well I read the other day that she already had the venue and her dress and his tux and all the attendants attire done. My aunt informed me this morning that the date is September 25. Since noone on that side of the family has said ANYTHING to me about it I guess I'm not invited! Not that I'm surprised, I always felt like an outsider when I would go visit my father and his second family. But it's making me rethink my visit over there when I'm home next month. I'm trying very, VERY hard to be an adult about the whole thing and I hate family drama!

Anyway, I rented The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from our new Redbox just two blocks away for tonight. Love the convenience and the movies are only $1. Hope everyone has a nice evening!

07-10-2010, 02:43 AM
Ugh, Dawn, what is with fathers and second families?? We were always treated like they were inviting the homeless to a Christmas meal - you know, they can sit at the table to eat but keep your eyes on the silverware. don't worry, you grow out of worrying about how they treat you. As for un-setting -it's a little more challenging that the actual setting and not always successful!! Good idea about simple bezels and rings - Don't go too big with the bezels - like maybe 10x14mm..... that's a great starter size. Easy enough to wrap the bezel wire around to measure, but small enough to solder and set easily. I should write a tutorial one of these days - oh wait, said that ages ago and never did get to it! Silly me! lol Hope you enjoy the movie!

Well, the grumpy mood improved immensely once I cooled off!! It's cooling off quite a bit tonight - we got some of Pam's cloud cover tonight. No rain though - too bad, I'm done with summer heat. lol I'm such a wimp!! Dh is being wonderful tonight - went to the grocery store with a big list so I didn't have to! Yay! And I'm not going anywhere tomorrow until the evening so I won't have to deal with the heat! :) Like I said, I'm a wimp! :) Hope you all have a great evening! :)