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07-03-2010, 01:13 PM
Hi everyone :wave: I came back to London today. Had time to get the house tidy yesterday afternoon, so no need to stay there as I only make it untidy again. Have some pix but not downloaded them.

Claire, I think you need pointy stick, I firmly believe a month is too long for houseguests. Unless you have a huge house, and servants and even then it's pushing it :lol: We had one of DH's nephews hatch a mad plan to come and stay with us "for some time in the Summer" in Tokyo. DH sort of thought it would be OK, I said I wasn't doing extra work, end of, and I wrote and said sorry no, not convenient. He wasn't someone that was close to us, just after a free holiday and being looked after, well, not by me.

Andee, good luck with new boss, I hope he is nice and can make the job a bit better. ((((( Hugs )))))

Barrie, have fun in the studio

Pam, I think I will order some small size pointy sticks for you to use on Luke. When will you find out if he is going to have to be at home or whether the school place opens up?

I have to run out for some milk and things now. Have a good one all. Fiona

07-03-2010, 03:22 PM
Good morning!
Fiona, glad you made it back to London - hoping to see some pix when youg et a chance!! :)

Pam, I think Fiona's right, some mini pointy sticks for Luke! heh heh I'm trying to imagine working with Freya under foot and can TOTALLY relate to your dilemma. I am a little lucky in that I can give her beads and stringing materials and that will keep her entertained for an hour or two while I do what I need to. Can't see that working for Luke though. Maybe get him working on a project like writing his own comic book? He can work on his art while you're working on yours? He's going to have to work on his own at some point, might be a good time to get him practicing on solo projects. Good luck!!

Dawn, how's tricks in your neighborhood? Haven't heard from you since the trip, figured you must be super busy!! :)

Claire, I missed the part where your guest will be there for a month?!?!??! I guess you didn't get a say in the matter, but wow, I sure don't envy you! Hope he's a little helpful or at the very least not a huge pest!!

It's another gray day here, but the sun is expected later today. Dh is going to tackle the back yard - makes me rather sad as right now it looks like a scene from some prehistoric movie. The weeds are taller than the fence!! I love the Jurassic park look, but he had a good point last night - too many opportunities for mosquitoes if we leave it that long. And it looks rather shabby if you're the neighbor looking in (our poor next door neighbors - they're the ones that mow the lawn every day, meticulous gardens, painted fences, etc - they're stuck beside the hillbilly bubbas that don't cut the back yard! LOL!). In all honesty, it's just been a matter of not enough dry days on weekends - ask Pam, we've been a little short on sunshine around here lately! :) But dh will fix it today hopefully and we'll be the good neighbors again - not that they care, they're always super nice when chatting over the fence, and they really like our dogs and cats (whew!). Me, I'm heading into the studio in a bit - I have lots to do in there this upcoming week and thought I might get a head start. Have a great day!

07-03-2010, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone!

I keep trying to get here. Even get so far as to hit post reply but something keeps coming up! I'm just keeping busy with the kids and work. It looks like the building owners are making us move to a new unit in August so the dance studio next door can expand. It'll be a pain but I think she's picked the until 2 doors down so we won't be going far.

I need to read back and catch up on everyone for the last couple of days. Hope to be back later!

07-03-2010, 07:04 PM
Quick hi from me before I go to bed. I've been busy clearing out the spare room cupboard and the wardrobe and getting the bathroom door ready. Seems like an awful lot still needs to be done, but I've chucked a load of things out which has got to be good, and put duvets and clothes into vacuum bags to make more space.

I'll catch up here tomorrow.