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06-27-2010, 05:19 AM
Hi everyone, :wave: just starting us off. Welcome home Dawn, sounds like you had a splendid time. I'm glad the delay getting home wasn't too bad.

Barrie, sorry to hear about your favorite fish, very sad, I didn't know they did that. I knew that carp and salmon did the leaping thing, not little aquarium guys.:crying:

I need to get to a few chores today, washing m/ c already did it's part of the work, just needs to be emptied!

Have a good one all. Fiona

06-27-2010, 01:13 PM
Andee, congrats. Your chaps had better win the big prize, and then at least we can say we were knocked out by the cahmpions. Fiona

06-27-2010, 01:40 PM
Hi Fiona, hi all!

Thanks, Fiona! :) I was SO glad there were 2 more goals for us after that 2:2 that shouldn't be (which CLEARLY was a goal), at least now we won fair and square. :)

Off to shower and bed - I absolutely DREAD the coming two weeks. On my own. Having to do the jobs of 4 on my own. No wonder I keep getting cramps.


06-27-2010, 03:16 PM
Congrats Andee> (I'm assuming Germany won something soccer-ish? Ooops, I mean football-ish?). lol I'm so out of the World Cup loop!!

Fiona, we did manage to find a replacement fish - same type, a yellow corris wrasse. It's a beautiful lemon yellow color and very inquisitive - it ate breakfast (always a good sign) and is investigating the tank quite comfortable this morning. Th etank just seemed so empty without that pop of yellow color flashing around. And they're not usually easy fish to find - we just happened to luck out. Glad your washing machine knows it's duties and does it's part! Mine is going to get a good work out today - been kind of slacking in the laundry department.

:wave: to all today!! We're heading over to the kids' house today - it's Dayton's second birthday party this afternoon. We bought him one of those big red/yellow plastic cars that he can get into and use his feet to move himself around the yard. It took dh over an hour to put it together this morning - thought I was going to have to call a mechanic or something! but he managed to get it all figured out so it's ready for Dayton later. I'm itching to get into the studio (this is a good thing -haven't felt that way in a while!). So we probably won't hang out at the kids' too long - we shall see!! Hope you all have a great day today! Cheers!

06-27-2010, 06:00 PM
LOL, yes Barrie, Germany soundly wooped our arses at the footie. DH is very upset. Fiona

06-27-2010, 06:53 PM
Hi all
It has been a gloriously hot day here, and I have been doing all the domestic stuff I couldn't do yesterday because we were out. Very little progress on the stuff I meant to do, I did get a towel ring and fixed it in the bathroom, hopefully out of the way of the puddlehound who is rather found of carrying off towels.

I've got the tent lining cut out and ready to stitch, it looks fairly straightforward but we shall see! I'm hoping I won't have to do anything complicated in the way of fixings and it can use what is already there but I suspect one or two toggles will be needed.

Fiona, you seem to have got things nicely dovetailed on the deliveries, let's hope everyone behaves as promised. I'm afraid Leon wasn't remotely aware of having caused me injury, he returned thrillingly muddy and wagging.

Barrie, how sad about the houdini fish, lucky that you found a replacement so quickly. I wonder why he jumped, do you think he was looking for a friend? Hope you had a good time at Dayton's party and he enjoyed his presents. Is Freya going to need a selection of hair decorations and necklaces to go with the different sashes? This could work out expensive!

Gladys, well done getting the clearing out done, I wish I was making as good progress, I just glance in the wardrobe and give up!

Dawn, I hope you aren't too exhausted after the late travelling and early start. I'm ashamed to say I have never had a pina colada, I'm not keen on coconut so never really fancied it.

Andee, I am heartily glad Germany won, I am more than fed up with this football lark. I hope work is better than you fear, let's hope loads of other people are on holiday so nobody is hassling you to get things done. Remember you can only do what you have time for, other things will have to wait. I usually make a list of everything I have to get done and if anyone starts pushing I pass the list to them and ask which things can be deleted.

06-28-2010, 12:36 AM
OMG what was I thinking!? LOL A party full of 1 & 2 year olds - and Kevin bought Dayton a full drum set - a real one! Cecili's mom trumped that with a recorder (not as in tape recorder, no! As in that annoying musical instrument!) and everyone cheered when Dayton played it - ARGH!! Ear piercing 'music' ensued!! Thankfully not for long, got the crowd back under control and Kev decided to bring out the pinata he got for the kids. Since it was raining outside, he decided to hang it in the dining room - from the chandelier!??!?? He gave Dayton first shot, with a heavy chair leg (didn't want to give him a baseball bat - too big for him!). Who raised this kid?? Kevin I mean??!! First off, who hangs pinatas from chandeliers? Then gives a small child of 2 years old a big stick and says swing away?? Amazingly enough, nothing was broken, and though there were some close calls, no small children were maimed in the process!! And Freya got to smash the pinata until it opened (the little kids were having a heck of a time - it didn't want to break). But it took Kevin smashing the thing to smithereens to get all the loot to come out of this thing. It really was quite hysterical. Dayton loved his big plastic car - was driving it around like a pro in no time. He did let a couple of other kids try it out - quite grudgingly, but he LOVES his car so had to kick them out after a short try. The most fun was discussing wedding plans with Claire, her mom, her bridesmaids (they were all there!). We're all going to go for pedicures a few days before the wedding. They're planning hair and makeup sessions and they all want me to join them. I have to admit is really is wonderful being included like this! :) I got to see the bridesmaids dresses - they're a wonderful shade of rich purple, strapless short cocktail type dresses. Absolutely gorgeous. Claire and I are going to start the flower girl dresses tomorrow - she wants to help so I'll let her help me lay out the pattern. Besides, she has an immense dining room table - perfect for laying out fabric! I'm sure a happy camper tonight! :)

Claire, the houdini fish ended up jumping quite by accident - there is a lot of current right at the surface and he loved to play in it. He would swoop and dive and flit around in the rushing water and sometimes get a little carried away and hit the top of the tank (the top is mostly enclosed with a big enough slot to put hands in for cleaning etc), and he managed to find the spot where there was no cover and flew threw the air to his death. Poor fish, I felt really bad for him!! To stop this from happening again, dh affixed a piece of plexiglass on hinges over the hole and we'll keep it closed up tight when not cleaning or feeding. Just can't take chances of losing another one - it's heart wrenching! (the guilt that the poor little thing suffered is awful!!)

Anyway, hope you all are having a nice evening. We're going to watch a movie in a bit, the barbeque is heating up, and we'll have a lovely night ourselves. Cheers!!

06-28-2010, 01:49 AM
ooh, Barrie, what a day! I'm sure you are enjoying your quiet evening! LOL Happy B'day to Dayton!

Claire, how is your knee? I sure hope you didn't ruin it... except then maybe they can actually fix it?

Dawn, did you get a Brighton chain then??? I still have to find something for my turtle - I'm thinking of stringing something. What a long trip home - were you as glad to leave vegas as we were? It was fun, but so nice to get out of there too!

Fiona, sorry about England's loss! Andee, congrats! I missed seeing it...

....was busy cleaning the house and buying a new set of fiesta dishes (boring white, not a rainbow of colors, though the turquoise tempted me - I just wanted white, I've had a set of mixed colors for years now, so white is good), chemicaling up the pool, shoe shopping, etc. Luke bought a tropical tree for his room, it looks like a truffala tree, he's so happy, he carried it all through the store and parking lot.

yesterday we went to a Abraham-hicks seminar, it was good, but hated sitting inside all day in such good weather. They seem to have quite a cultish following too, which was a little creepy... and surprising. But figures, I guess.

Off to bed, exhausted, but so glad to bee keeping up with life again.