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09-27-2002, 09:10 PM

Title: Sinner and Saint (nudity) . WIP
Year Created: 2002
Medium: Digital
Surface: Computer
Dimension: 796x903 pixels
Allow digital alterations?: Yes!

This is one of my current works.
I have spent about, hmm.. 15-20 hours on it, but its probably just as much left :)

Anyhow, i used photo as a reference.
The girl is called Zdanka, she was penthhouse pet 2001 or 2000.. Found her on free6. As im still learning to paint entirely from my head so did i cheat on this piece. I did trace her outlines (just so i easily would get the proportions).
I know that some ppl dislike that, but hey im learning, and on ALL MY NEW IMAGES i won't do it. This was the end of tracing era :D..

Anyway here is the original photos:
Original (http://www.hit.se.org/dump/dh02/sinsaint/sinsaint_org.jpg)

The top of the image is gonna be a gloria over the angel, and some nice lighting a la particles and magic around the angel.

Well enough talk, here is the image, 25% of original size.

For ppl interested in the workprogress, and all old drafts, go here: DRAFTS (http://www.hit.se.org/dump/dh02/sinsaint/)


I have already gotten some cc's so i know that the hair, and that the right face is off, and that the left mouth is weird.
But i would love some CC's on the rest.
The coloring is gonna change for the final.
I just started on the wings, so the the babes dont shade it yet.

One thing that i'm having trouble with is the bottom of the image. What should i have here? Ideas welcome.

09-28-2002, 02:18 AM
nothing is cheating ,we have the technology so use it.cool process ,try going a little nuts and let yourself take some artist freedoms,its real pretty ,now make it wrong,go outside of it.do something that doesnt work,or shouldnt work,maybe some strange background things or anything you think would be whats inside you.see its real close and thats the hard part you have mastered.go out on a limb,you have the talent,you have the touch .man i hope this isnt sounding negitive,it is not,because if it wasnt so close i wouldnt have replyed.this kind of like music.some singers can hit any note they want,some have very little chops but pour thier soul into it. so im asking for more soul because you have the chops..dots or mr,stupidhead

09-28-2002, 07:48 AM
blurred effect is nice
careful of sources.

09-28-2002, 06:34 PM
hey thanks!

I am trying to evolve as an artist, im also experiementing my own style. So far im trying to get the hang of the technique i should use. The art and soul part is what i am trying to learn. Well time is my friend, someday... someday.

Thanks again.

09-28-2002, 06:42 PM
You have an emerging talent for dawing, composing, rendering, etc. I'd suggest you stay away from the cheesecake, soft porn imagery, however, and make use of something a little more personal to you -- family, friends, etc. Or, if nudes, something with a bit more aesthetics to it. The reference you are using devalues the impact / relevance of your presentation (IMHO, of course!).