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06-24-2010, 03:37 AM
Didn't make it here yesterday, my dongle internet thing wouldn't connect. The system gets busy during the day and things won't load, very very annoying. I think it doesn't help being behind big stone walls and the general location. It's always fine in London, but we are on top of a hill and near a mast.

Thought I would pop in quickly just in case. Seems like it will be Claire and I versus Andee on Sunday LOL.

Have a good one all. Fiona

06-24-2010, 01:01 PM
Even if you team up against me, Fiona and Claire, that will not make you win! Ha! ;) I'm not happy about this match, I was hoping both teams could stay in the tourney for a bit longer...

Hi all! I'm out of words for how exhausted and annoyed I am from work, so I better not say anything about it. Except that I am. Tons. Went to have my lady parts prodded and squished flat today, everything's fine, so - phew. Still having tummy cramps, tho. Probably due to stress. I'm ready for the weekend...

Sorry, didn't get around to read the past WIAs (so what else is new...? :rolleyes:, hope everybody's doing great. :grouphug:

06-24-2010, 01:02 PM
Good morning Fiona!! How annoying with the dongle thingy!!

Claire, how are you feeling today? Ready for the yoga?

:wave: to all today. I'm heading out pretty quick to the big fabric store with the bride-to-be to get a pattern and fabric for flower girl dresses. We can't find what we want, so I'm going to tackle making them myself. Should be interesting! lol Then later today, hitting the studio - I have some earring ideas that I think I can tackle without too much stress! :) Have a great day all! :)

06-24-2010, 01:04 PM
Andee, you snuck in on me! No words to help with the crappy job situation, just hope you can muddle through!!

06-24-2010, 03:29 PM
helloooooooo!!!!!! I'm home!!!!

I know you all have commented on fb on various days of my trip, but I have no idea what is going on with the rest of you!

Andee, I guess you are back from vacation. how many days til your next holiday???

I need to download the fifa app to stay up on what is going on in soccer/football - I'm so glad the US finally got a score that stuck!

Have to take the kid to tennis camp in a few and then laundry laundry laundry and then baseball celebration party.

OH, and I met Dawn yesterday!! And her boys :) She gave me one of her turtles, it's awesome!


06-24-2010, 04:44 PM
Hi all
It has been a non-achieving day at work, most of the time was wasted on trying to get my printer set up with the remote server. After a long netviewer session with two Germans, most of which I didn't understand except the bit's where they said it wasn't working, I ended up no further forward. Oh well, another day to try getting it right tomorrow.

This evening we took Leon for a walk which led around through a bit of the trading estate, the compounds have high fencing and an alluring collection of rabbits living there. Leon managed to find a gap in the fence and was in there chasing them around. He then decided the gap was too small to come back through and sat there looking sorry for himself. After much calling, pleading, shouting and generally getting distraught he still wouldn't attempt it. I managed to find another section which only used chain link and we dragged the bottom section up so he could get underneath. We were probably caught on CCTV but I really couldn't care less, getting my dog back was what mattered.

I've cried off yoga tonight because I think my back is still too sensitive. I'm not getting spasms or anything but it needs some more rest before I do anything strenuous. SO I have an evening in, and need to get on with clearing out parts of the house.

Barrie, did you get the ring done? David always tries to argue when I complain that he hasn't done enough around the house, I admit I am not the tidiest of people but he is a total disaster area. Having the business at home makes things ten times worse, especially as he keeps his workshop, the room we use for packing and the garage so full and chaotic that he sneaks stuff onto the dining table as the only space available to work on. It makes me fume! I hope you find a good pattern, if I were nearby I'd offer to make them for you, not real practical at this distance.

Fiona, dodgy internet access is a real pain, you'll have to find a nice wifi cafe.

Andee, I have to admit I don't fancy England's chances against Germany, our showing so far has been pretty pathetic. I'm ready for the weekend too, hope yours is a good one.

Pam, good to see you back, great that you met Dawn and family. I saw some of your posts, looks like it was an eventful trip.

06-24-2010, 10:05 PM
Whew! I'm beat!! I'm SO not used to shopping with a 2 year old!! But it was fun - it took a bit, but Claire figured out what she wanted, and we're going to make it happen. here's the pattern we decided on - http://www.simplicity.com/p-1712-toddlerchild-dresses.aspx - the pink one on the right with no sleeves and bubble type skirt. We bought a lovely cream colored satiny material, with a green (peridot green) fabric for the belt/tie. I got some tulle to use as interlining in the skirt so it holds it's shape. Seems to be a fairly simple pattern, so I'm not too worried - yet! lol Claire is thrilled to pieces as this is her exact vision. Whew!! We didn't have time to look at any other fabrics or pattern while we were there as Dayton was NOT impressed with fabric shopping! lol

Pam, welcome home! Funny how vacations always end with lots of laundry!! Hope Luke enjoyed tennis camp today! How fun that you got to meet Dawn! :)

Claire, I so wish you lived closer, I'm sure I'm going to need some coaching on this undertaking!! I'll probably have to fake it a lot on these - it has been ages since I've done any serious sewing (and did I mention I'm doing the wedding jewelry too?!). But at least I'm being included in the process, I'm happy about that! :) Hope you're not the star of tonight's newscast for rescuing your dog - was he at least thankful to be rescued?! lol

Now I think it's time for some dinner then early to bed I hope - I'm tired after chasing a 2 year old - good thing he's cute! :) Cheers